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dMinerals "NUT FREE" Little Baby BupKiss" Creme

Posted by on 6/9/2016 to News

"Little Baby BupKiss Creme" 

Our "Little Baby BupKiss" Creme is our "NUT FREE" creme formulated with baby in mind !
Although it was made for baby...It is great for anyone of any age~male or female ! It has a very 
light scent from the ingredients and not overpowering .
It is great for anyone with nut allergies because it does NOT contain tree nut oils !
It is also great for those of you with sensitive skin !
It is light weight and absorbs easily PLUS a little goes a long way ! 
Many people go over board when applying skin care products...not only is is NOT necessary
..It's a waste and just makes it cost more per use.
This is a great creme to apply after baby's bath before bedtime ! 
It contains soothing Organic Aloe~Calming Chamomile~Organic Coconut Oil & more !  80% Organic