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5 Spring Into Green~Healthier Cleaning Ideas

Posted by Mama Bupkiss on 5/23/2016 to Toxins

Spring Into Green~Healthier Cleaning !
Okay...So I know many of you have not even started your Spring Cleaning lol !
SOooo...How about a little nudge and a little advice !

Food And Health

Posted by dMinerals on 5/7/2016 to News

The food we eat affects our health !
Many people will say "I have been eating like this all my life and I'm still here"...Well that is true but what health issues do you have ? 
Many have changed their lives by changing their diet to a non-toxic~organic~natural diet...Do your best to use the most toxin free products you can to begin with

Willow Bark/White Willow Bark ?

Posted by dMinerals on 5/6/2016 to Ingredients

Willow Bark/White Willow Bark ? (scientific name Salix Alba)
What is it and what are some things it is used for ?
First of all it is really what it says...the bark of a willow tree...It has been in use as a medicinally for many-many years.... It is very well studied & has many uses and benefits ! ...
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