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Headaches After Juicing

Posted by on 3/15/2018 to The Whole You

Headaches after Juicing ?

How many of you out there own a juicer and make your own fresh juice ?

Juicing has many wonderful benefits and for most of us right after we get that first sip on our tongue...we start to feel it wonderfulness in all it's glory...Silly to some right ? But right from that first sip...My eyeballs even feel the difference lol...Laugh if you must while I sit here feeling some wonderful things from my fresh squeezed juice !!!!

You've Got The Power ! The Power Of Positive Thinking !

Posted by on 3/13/2018 to The Whole You

Many times...many of us feel like our life will never change, can't take it anymore, feel like you don't know how to change things...When you are the one in the situation it is not always that easy to see your way out of it and you start saying all these negative things and having nothing but negative thoughts....SMACK ! ...ERrrrrrrrrrT....STOP right there !...Do YOU hear me ? STOP !.....PUT THE BRAKES ON RIGHT HERE ...RIGHT NOW ! 
Those thoughts are your enemy and....This is where we start to make a change...Right in any negative thought that starts to flow from those heads and lips ! STOP  ! 
So what do you do ? ....As soon as those negative thoughts and emotions start to flow BAMMMMMM ! 

Knock them right out of that head and off those lips immediately ! REPLACE THEM WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS,EMOTIONS AND ACTIONS ! (And yes it takes practice and time)

Yeah I know , I know...YOU say I can't ! and I say....I will not hear that out of you !
Shake that head and get those negative things right out !
Time to clean house and wake up to better thoughts !
And make some of the best changes in your life you will ever make....

Listen there will always be things that we don't like and that are very upsetting that happens in our lives...That is just the way it is ! 
And how you handle them makes all the difference in the world !

It is up to you to TAKE control and steer that wheel in the direction you want to go !

OR hey you can choose to just keep living that unhappy, negative life you choose to live that's right ! I said choose !
BUT I know you won't ! Because you want to be happy and have things go in a more positive way...

Everything Just Seems To Be Going Wrong

Did you ever feel like every little thing that goes wrong seems huge and upsets you ?

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