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Turmeric In Our Food & Health

Posted by on 6/5/2016 to News

A Little About Turmeric !

There is a lot of talk going on about wonderful turmeric and for good reason !

Apple Cider Vinegar & Raw Honey Elixir For Good Health !

Posted by on 6/2/2016 to The Whole You

Okay...Time for your glass of goodness !

Start with a tall glass...1-2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar add...

5 Spring Into Green~Healthier Cleaning Ideas

Posted by Mama Bupkiss on 5/23/2016 to Toxins

Spring Into Green~Healthier Cleaning !
Okay...So I know many of you have not even started your Spring Cleaning lol !
SOooo...How about a little nudge and a little advice !

Food And Health

Posted by dMinerals on 5/7/2016 to News

The food we eat affects our health !
Many people will say "I have been eating like this all my life and I'm still here"...Well that is true but what health issues do you have ? 
Many have changed their lives by changing their diet to a non-toxic~organic~natural diet...Do your best to use the most toxin free products you can to begin with

Willow Bark/White Willow Bark ?

Posted by dMinerals on 5/6/2016 to Ingredients

Willow Bark/White Willow Bark ? (scientific name Salix Alba)
What is it and what are some things it is used for ?
First of all it is really what it says...the bark of a willow tree...It has been in use as a medicinally for many-many years.... It is very well studied & has many uses and benefits ! ...

Diaper Rash & Prevention

Posted by dMinerals on 4/27/2016 to Toxins

Diaper Rash & Prevention

If you want a happy baby you sure don't want a diaper rash ! what I always feel when I see a baby with a diaper rash~It hurts !
They are so uncomfortable~sore~stinging~burning sensation and just seem so hard to get rid of...
NOT if you find the right ointment to handle poor baby's sore or soon to be irritated bottom... 
AND loosen that diaper ! dMinerals "Baby BupKiss Diaper Ointment" is very gentle soothing and healing...

Clay Masks !

Posted by on 4/26/2016 to Toxins

Clay Masks ?
Earth has many gifts...
Clay masks are some of natures precious and wonderful gifts...
Many of natures gifts that are right there at our finger tips are over looked and not appreciated.

Prevention~Prevention~Prevention !

Posted by dMinerals on 4/25/2016 to Ingredients

Prevention~Prevention~Prevention !

Want beautiful skin ?

Prevent skin problems by taking care of your skin properly with the good products that are meant for your skin..

NEW Bio-Hydrate Skincare Line

Posted by dMinerals on 4/20/2016 to News

Over the next few weeks we will be adding some really fantastic products in dMineral's store !

Quench your thirsty skin with our bio-hydrating line & get that moisture boost and cellular plumping your skin is begging for !

Turmeric & You

Posted by DNM on 4/20/2016 to News

Turmeric & You

There seems to be many-many uses for turmeric and studies that are being done and have been done.
Turmeric is also used in skincare products to help keep the skin healthy and beautiful....

What do YOU do for a burn ?

Posted by on 4/19/2016 to News

What do YOU do for a burn ?

Even the littlest burn really seems to hurt !

*** First of all...Always seek medical attention when needed and 

if you are not sure go to the Dr. to be sure ! 

If you have a bad burn, be sure to get prompt medical treatment.

Sweeten Up That Skin !

Posted by on 4/18/2016 to News

Sweeten Up That Skin !

Do you know what a little sugar can do when it is used to pretty up that skin ?
Glycolic Acid works on the outermost layer of dead skin cells to clear the skin of those dead cells so the new cells can give you that fresh and plump skin you are looking for..

Where's MY Fountain Of Youth

Posted by dMinerals on 4/14/2016 to Toxins
Where's MY Fountain Of Youth

  Where did that youthful look go ?
Most of us yearn for the look we had in our younger years... 
How can you get back at least some of that youthful looking skin ?

Edible Cutlery !

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to News

I came across this and really found it interesting !

Edible Cutlery~Eat with it and then Eat it! Or throw it away and it decomposes in about 4-5 days ! Tasty,nutritious & environmentally friendly ! A perfect alternative to harmful cutlery ~ also enriched with nutritious ingredients....

What is Serecite ?

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to News

What is Serecite ?

Another ingredient used in mineral makeup is "Serecite"...

It adheres well to the natural oils of the skin similar to mica It reflects light away from skin imperfections..

Zinc Oxide !

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to News

Zinc Oxide ! 
WOW zinc plays such a big role in our health...this is very interesting info I think you will enjoy reading ! And there is so much to learn... like for others to know what they are using and the benefits or problems that can go along with a product and its ingredients...

Rice Powder

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to Ingredients

Organic Rice Powder/Rice Powder In The Makeup & Skincare World (We Prefer Organic and kosher  )

~Rice powder helps achieve a silky matte finish in the mineral makeup world and absorbs moisture.

What Is Arrowroot ?

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to News

What Is Arrowroot ?
How many of you know about Arrowroot ?
Arrowroot is NOT actually a plant~it is a type of high nutrient dense starch that is obtained from the roots of many different plants.

What is synthetic "Allantoin" ?

Posted by dMinerals on 4/11/2016 to Ingredients

What is synthetic "Allantoin" ?
One thing synthetic allantoin is used for is as an ingredient in vegan cosmetics ..

Blackheads !

Posted by on 4/6/2016 to Toxins

Blackheads !
Oil & dead skin get trapped in the pores/hair follicles.
What do you do to clear and prevent them ?

Algae It's hot in the skincare world !

Posted by on 4/6/2016 to Ingredients

It's hot in the skincare world !
You might want to consider skin and haircare products that have Algae Extract in them....Algae makes skin radiant, wrinkle free and tight and the hair thick & shiny ! It has some great nutrients such as Amino Acids,Silicon, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Omega 3, Alguronic Acid, Copper, chlorophyll, vitamins such as B, C, D, E and K,protein,DHA ... “It’s a perfect food for your skin,”

Those Wonderful Smells Just Flowing Through Our Homes

Posted by on 4/6/2016 to Toxins
Those Wonderful Smells Just Flowing Through Our Homes

OHhh my gosh don't you just love your home to smell great ! 
Smells just flowing through our homes making us OUuu and AHhh,
We all love great scents and soft light  from a great candle and scent warmers 
and also the glorious scents from essential oils in our wonderful diffusers,

Do you know what you are putting on your baby's skin ?

Posted by dMinerals on 4/6/2016 to Toxins

Do you know what you are putting on your baby's skin ? 
It's up to us as parents to protect our child...using safe baby care products is one way to do that.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Posted by Debbie At "dMinerals" on 4/6/2016 to Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Who knows what Hyaluronic Acid is and what it does ?


Posted by dMinerals on 2/10/2016 to News

Have you tried one of our "Comfy Cozy HeatPacs" ?
Our Comfy Cozy HeatPacs can be your world of comfort~relief and peace ! 
WE love our Comfy Cozy HeatPacs !

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