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You've Got The Power ! The Power Of Positive Thinking !

Posted by on 3/13/2018 to The Whole You

Many times...many of us feel like our life will never change, can't take it anymore, feel like you don't know how to change things...When you are the one in the situation it is not always that easy to see your way out of things  and you start saying all these negative things and having nothing but negative thoughts....SMACK ! ...ERrrrrrrrrrT....STOP right there !...Do YOU hear me ? STOP !.....PUT THE BRAKES ON RIGHT HERE ...RIGHT NOW ! 
Those thoughts are your enemy and....This is where we start to make a change...Right in any negative thought that starts to flow from those heads and lips ! STOP  ! 
So what do you do ? ....As soon as those negative thoughts and emotions start to flow BAMMMMMM ! 

Knock them right out of that head and off those lips immediately ! REPLACE THEM WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS,EMOTIONS AND ACTIONS ! (And yes it takes practice and time)

Yeah I know , I know...YOU say I can't ! and I say....I will not hear that out of you !
Shake that head and get those negative things right out !
Time to clean house and wake up to better thoughts !
And make some of the best changes in your life you will ever make....

"We form all kinds of habits ! MAKE positive thinking one of your best habits ever ! ...DNM"

Listen there will always be things that we don't like and that are very upsetting that happens in our lives...That is just the way it is ! 
And how you handle them makes all the difference in the world !

It is up to you to TAKE control and steer that wheel in the direction you want to go !

"When you wake up every morning...CHOOSE to be happy ! Choose to be joyful ! Choose to put a smile on your face ! And see your day in a different light ...DNM"

OR hey you can choose to just keep living that unhappy, negative life you choose to live that's right ! I said choose !
BUT I know you won't ! Because you want to be happy and have things go in a more positive way...

Everything Just Seems To Be Going Wrong

Did you ever feel like every little thing that goes wrong seems huge and upsets you ?

You are not alone...Especially times when something has really hit us emotionally in a bad or sad way we can tend to feel like everything that happens is awful and it upsets us...even the smallest thing.... And when something really good happens ...Ours thoughts, emotions and actions tend to be very positive and everything tends to look great !

Just think about it for a minute and think back to when something happened that got you very upset...
How did you feel afterwards and how did you react to other things that followed ...and how long did you continue to act that way ? .....What kind of thoughts went through your head when reacting to things that followed that bad something that happened ? Did you take control of how you acted or did you let that bad something have control and let yourself act in a bad way about other things ? ...You DO KNOW that you do have control of things right ? YOU just NEED to TAKE control ! That's right ! You heard me ! NOW...YOU can make the choice to continue in a negative world and way...OR YOU CAN CHOOSE TO CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING !
Yeah it's going to take some work ! But you are worth it ! SAY IT NOW ! I AM WORTH IT ! 10 times !

Life is what YOU make it ! 
YOU make you who and what you want to be !
And YOU do not let anyone get in your way !
Kick the toxic out of your life and to the curb ! 

You know for some people, for many actually at some time in their life the bigger thing that upset them makes things like stubbing their toe or someone just looking at them and even someone trying to be helpful and putting their hand on your shoulder makes you angry and snap at them and amplifies the hurt from the stubbed toe and makes us misread that look on a person's face...all because we are upset and have negative thoughts and not exercising control of our self, thoughts and actions. 

Do YOU want to be pulled down into the quicksand or do YOU want to be freed and up and breathing ?

Use positive words when talking (practice)

QUIT pitying yourself !

Let go of the past (But DO learn from it)

DO NOT let your emotions determine your day or life ! Take control of you !

Learn to laugh more

BELIEVE in you and what you can do.

Quit dwelling on your mistakes learn from them, forgive yourself and move on

Change that attitude for a better life !

Stop putting up obstacles to a happier life

CREATE happy thoughts

Take a really good look at how you react to things.

Learn how to handle obstacles in your life

ALWAYS give yourself positive feedback

Everything is NOT that important that it should destroy your day or life !

Forgive's ok to do that !

How you act towards others because you do NOT exercise control of your thoughts, mouth or actions has a bad ending...Because you cannot take back those things you say and they will not really be forgotten...SOooo exercise control.

DON'T be weak...stay on track with POSITIVE !

Surround yourself with positive ! ...people, things and thoughts

Visualize what you want in your life and how you will do just that

QUIT blaming others for your problems ! It's all up to you !

There's always a solution...DON'T be to lazy to find the solution !

ALWAYS give yourself credit for those things you do right and just figure out what you can do differently the next time for the things you didn't do right.

Change the things in your life you don't like...OR just continue to live with it...I prefer to change things...Life is to precious to waste....

Every single day and night...I want you to look at your life and what you have...what you have been lucky to be a part of no matter how big or small..BE THANKFUL WHEN YOU GET UP LOOKING OUT THAT WINDOW OR IN THE FACE OF THOSE YOU LOVE AND SAY "I AM THANKFUL FOR ALL I HAVE AND WHAT WILL COME "

Being thankful is another way to a better life...

Our life is a gift...a very precious gift...I know it's not easy to always be positive but we at least should try and make it as positive and beautiful as we can...It does not just affect you it affects everyone around you and that you in any way have contact with... It's really the same thing as me saying get rid of the toxins that are killing you and replace them with fresh, healthy things that help you grow and flourish !

All that little stuff that seems to happen or go bad is usually just that LITTLE STUFF ...Stuff that is really not that important...and when you realize that will feel some of that weight lifted from your shoulders and heart...and you will start to see and feel that smile on your face again...YOU really don't need all those things in your life anyway that seem to bring you problems...Start cleaning things out from your mind, your heart, your closets, your home, your car and start to feel some relief and just keep on going building a better you ! BUT first get started on replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones because it is the most wonderful place to begin ....

There is something I also want you to do ! LOOK at the beauty in even the smallest things...REALLY ! When I take pictures...I get down in that grass and find the teeniest flower that we never even notice...and I get to see just how beautiful it is....breathtaking experiences when you decide to do those things...

And DO NOT be a quitter !