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Willow Bark/White Willow Bark ?

Posted by dMinerals on 5/6/2016 to Ingredients

Willow Bark/White Willow Bark ? (scientific name Salix Alba)
What is it and what are some things it is used for ?
First of all it is really what it says...the bark of a willow tree...It has been in use as a medicinally for many-many years.... It is very well studied & has many uses and benefits ! ...The Willows inner and outer bark are used for different things because the two have different concentrations of one can work better on the individual problem than the other...Used for things such as,Fever Reducer-Anti-Inflammatory-Pain Relief-Menstrual Discomfort-Migraines-Skincare...etc...So for example...The inner bark of the white willow tree contains salicin (white willow is used pretty much the same as aspirin)...It is also used to help turn back the clock so skin looks younger,smoother & firmer by smoothing fine lines and is also used to reduce breakouts because it naturally exfoliates skin and clears pores to help reduce breakouts because of its of natural hydroxy acids ! White willow helps clear bacteria on skin that can cause acne and other issues because of it's antimicrobial properties...GREAT in skincare products...Willow Bark Extract is recommended for balancing and toning most skin types...

Lets say you have inflammation- pain from arthritis-joints-muscle aches and pains...You will find this ingredient Willow Bark/White Willow Bark/Salix Alba in many topical ointments-salves-creams etc...Because people who use it say they get relief in pain and inflammation ! But of course it is only one ingredient in the many topical ointments-salves-creams..And most of these products have other fantastic ingredients that are from nature also...