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Where's MY Fountain Of Youth

Posted by dMinerals on 4/14/2016 to Toxins
Where's MY Fountain Of Youth

Where did that youthful look go ?

Most of us yearn for the look we had in our younger years... 
How can you get back at least some of that youthful looking skin ?

As we age we look older and our skin tends to change...
It's not as plump or fresh looking anymore...wrinkles and lines start to appear...
Moisture retention just does not seem to be the same...These are a part
of our natural aging process...BUT we can do things to gain back some of that 
youthful look and have some of that plump,healthy looking skin.

Keep your skin clean on a regular basis with products that work with your skin. 
Proper skincare will keep your skin free of dead skin cells and help keep pores
from clogging. There are many reasons for our skin problems so making the right
choices in our skincare,eating choices,activity we choose,stress levels etc... 
will help put you back on the road to beautiful skin.

When you drink water it goes to your other organs before it ever goes to your skin
so that is why it's really important to use a really good moisturizer that actually works !
I prefer ours with the hyaluronic acid in them ! 
It will plump you up for a more youthful look to your skin !
Keep yourself hydrated with liquids and with the right skincare.Don't over do it in the sun.
I was out one night at an event and saw a couple of ladies that had spent many of their years
out tanning in the sun and also using tanning beds.They were beautiful women but ruined 
their skin with way toooo much tanning ! Their skin actually looked like leather and had 
tons of wrinkles.. I guess it is possible had they kept themselves hydrate properly maybe 
the damage may not have been so bad
It's hard to escape all of those nasty toxins we come in contact with everyday ! So one 
thing you should do is learn what are the good and bad ingredients in skincare and 
other products you use. The more you learn about toxins the easier it will be to read labels 
and know what you will be getting or not... If you try to live a healthier lifestyle you will 
usually see a difference in many things in your life over time...most things won't just change overnight.

Much of the sagging skin on your face is probably due to your lack of hydration so try to drink the 
amount of water YOUR body needs ! If you get the water your body needs you will probably feel 
better in MANY ways..So drink up ! Many of us believe drinking water helps our skin look ageless & glowing!
Our cells are made up of water and cannot function properly if not hydrated properly.
If your skin lacks hydration it will become flakey and dry,tight and less resilient causing the skin 
to be more prone to wrinkles. Our is skin is somewhere around 64% water.