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What do YOU do for a burn ?

Posted by on 4/19/2016 to News

What do YOU do for a burn ?

*** First of all...Always seek medical attention when needed and if you are not sure go to the Dr. to be sure ! If you have a bad burn, be sure to get prompt medical treatment.

I remember one time when I burned in between my thumb and pointer finger ! Let me tell you one little burn can hurt really really bad ! I immediately ran that area under cold water ! You should run cold water over the burned area for about 5-10 minutes until you feel pain relief,it may help keep you from also getting a blister...When I removed my hand from the cold water it eventually started hurting again so I put the burned area back under the running cold water ...a burn (even a little one HURTS )
It is NOT recommended to use butter, oil, ice or ice water, all of which can worsen the is totally discouraged.

My favorite thing to use when I get burned is ALOE ! 
ALOE feels so soothing and cooling when applied to a small burn and is probably the most well-known herbal remedy for burns. I was on my yearly trip-staying with my cousin and burned my hand.Immediately grab a piece of aloe leaf from her plant ! OHhhh can you say AHhhh...what relief ! And I kept applying it throughout the day...well it worked ! I love the aloe plant for many things...It is fantastic in skincare !

~First degree burns are red and painful and may cause some skin swelling. The affected skin may peel off after a day or two, and they typically heal in three to six days. 
~Second degree burns have blisters and are painful and very swollen. The skin appears red and splotchy. These burns usually take two to three weeks to heal. 
~Third degree burns are the most severe but are sometimes the least painful because the burn has damaged nerves in the skin. The skin itself appears white or charred. Healing is prolonged.

Calendula tincture has antiseptic properties due to its organic iodine content so this also makes it great for burns.CALENDULA is known to have .Should not be used on big open wounds/burns/cuts etc...( "CALENDULA works so rapidly in healing the skin that it is not recommended for use in deep cuts. Because In deep cuts CALENDULA sometimes can close and heal the outside skin before the tissue underneath is completely healed."