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What Is Arrowroot ?

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to News

What Is Arrowroot ?
How many of you know about Arrowroot ?
Arrowroot is NOT actually a plant~it is a type of high nutrient dense starch that is obtained from the roots of many different plants. It's use dates back more than 7,000 years ! It is an ingredient in natural cosmetics( has a score of "0" on EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, means it poses no hazard to humans when used as an ingredient in makeup.)
It is a gluten-free alternative to traditional starches and wheat. It can beused as a replacement in many foods such as flour or corn. Arrowroot is also gluten-free making it valuable with all the gut issues~ Celiac disease and others...Calcium ash is the only starch product present in arrowroot & it helps maintain the proper acid and alkali balances in the human body.
It is commonly used and known as a food thickener. "You can eat the root of these various tubers raw, roasted, boiled, or stewed without losing the potency and nutrients."
Arrowroots rich nutrients includes significant levels of copper and iron~high concentration of vitamin B~ high levels of folate~higher concentration of plant protein than some other tubers~extremely low in calories when compared to some other starches like potatoes and yams~significant levels of potassium~dietary fiber and it is even safe to use in baby formula.
~Aids Digestion
~Health-conscious people choose arrowroot-based products over talcum powder.Talc is BAD -Please choose arrowroot
~Can be and is used in dry shampoo to remove excess oils.
~Is fat free and low in calories
~Can and is used as a body powder
~Works well in mineral makeup finishing powders
~Used in mineral makeup primers
~Arrowroot has natural elements and health benefiting qualities.
~ Provides a matte complexion in mineral makeup throughout the day,
~Originally arrowroot was used as a treatment for poison arrow injuries.
~Perfect for irritated areas such as burns, rashes and sores
~Arrowroot powder calms the skin & balancing the skin oil
~ Its absorbent
~used to thicken different things like lotions and creams
Please choose your products wisely KNOW what you are buying & using smile emoticon
Have a happy healthy day everyone !