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Turmeric In Our Food & Health

Posted by on 6/5/2016 to News

A Little About Turmeric ! (haldi)

There is a lot of talk going on about wonderful turmeric and for good reason !

This beautiful orange root has many benefits ! 

It is an anti-oxidant ~ anti-inflammatory ~ anti-bacterial !

It contains curcumin that works to fight bacteria...

Turmeric can be added to foods, made into a tea, used as a dye, used in skin care 

and there are even supplements you can take !

It has a warm, bitter,peppery flavor !

Turmeric is considered a safe & potent anti-inflammatory. 

And since it is such a good anti-inflammatory can you imagine what all it could help !

Most illnesses have to do with inflammation and when you get rid of the inflammation 

you find relief ! Many people with joint disease have said they found great relief after using

turmeric on a daily,regular,consistent basis helping to relieve swelling and pain relief...

There were studies that showed that turmeric helped with things like cystic fibrosis,

prostate & colon cancer,childhood leukemia,IBD inflammatory bowel disease,rheumatoid arthritis,

better liver function,alzheimers and more ! 

Always check with your doctor to make sure it is ok to start 

using anything when you have serious health issues

UCLA researched and published info in the December 2004 Journal Of Biological Chemistry

The Journal Of Agriculture And Food Chemistry in April 2006 also published info from other research 

They say curcumin crosses the blood brain barrier and that it may help with Alzheimers

Read More here:

Turmeric is just an amazing spice worth looking into for our own personal use !

-Is a really great anti-oxidant
-Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities
-Helps to heal acne
-Is part of the ginger family
-Lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone,help lighten stretch marks
-Helps to keep the skin’s elasticity intact.
-Facial Hair Control said to slow the growth of facial hair
-Antioxidants & antibacterial properties-a natural antiseptic
-Helps stimulate new cell growth
-Used to heal small cuts and burns -helps keep bacteria at bay
-When taken as supplements, it also aids in reducing joint pains
-Turmeric juice is being used by some for Alzheimer's ! I think this is great !

Here is a quoted piece of info...and I can't remember where it came from but credit goes to them :) 
"Turmeric juice treats Alzheimer disease effectively. It tones down the brain inflammation 

by blocking the pathway of the COX-2 enzyme. The blocked pathway of the COX-2 enzyme

 leads to neural inflammation of the brain in Alzheimer disease."