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Those Wonderful Smells Just Flowing Through Our Homes

Posted by on 4/6/2016 to Toxins
Those Wonderful Smells Just Flowing Through Our Homes
OHhh my gosh don't you just love your home to smell great ! 
Smells just flowing through our homes making us OUuu and AHhh,
We all love great scents and soft light  from a great candle and scent warmers and also the glorious scents from essential oils in our wonderful diffusers,
 Did you know our candles and fragrances can be full of toxic ingredients, artificial scents putting toxins in your home and office.
 Naturally scented candles & melts made with 100% organic essential oils are best for the cleanest, purest scents in soy wax based wax is a better choice than paraffin  wax....
There are many different types of candle wax..beeswax is another great choice for candles.....paraffin wax is a nasty carcinogen that releases a toxic smoke into the air as it burns...natural soy wax is completely biodegradable,burns clean and vegetarian . . Non-toxic & biodegradable are a safer-healthier choice... stay clean and  environmentally green with the right ingredients.... Use clean, earth friendly candles/aromatherapy ...better for  our air & lungs 
You want your candles to have a natural and lead-free wick and pure essential oils so that your candles are safe to breathe and they will smell luxurious like being at the spa !.