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Those Dreaded Warts

Posted by dMinerals on 6/28/2016 to The Whole You

We all dread it when we see those warts ! What causes them ? 
And how do we get rid of them ? Can you catch them from another person ?

Many people are embarrassed by them especially when they are on their hands !

Warts are caused by viruses that are benign growths (not cancerous).
And most are harmless.Warts seem to be more common in kids and those with 
a weakened immune system.
There are many different kinds of warts are a few.
Common Warts usually found hands,fingers,elbows,knees and look like a head 
of cauliflower with black dots inside.
Flat Warts are tiny and smoother than most warts and flat on top and most
of these ones are on the face but can be also be on the hands,arms and knees 
and may be in clusters
Periungual Warts grow around and under fingernails and toenails...
 They can affect nail growth and be painful
Plantar Warts are found on the bottom of the foot and feel like you are walking 
on little stones...very uncomfortable
Filiform Warts these are a finger like shape that usually grow around the 
mouth,eyes and nose.
Verrucas are warts on the feet.
 Warts can grow very slowly and take weeks or more to develop
The virus (HPV) infects the top layer of the skin.There are more than 60 kinds of HPV.

Warts are named by their clinical appearance & location. Some warts can persist for years.

Aloe Vera has great anti-inflammatory properties.The fresh aloe vera gel can be applied to 
a small  cotton ball  held by a band-aid on the wart.Aloe has antimicrobial properties to 
help prevent the spread of the warts microbes...also anti-fungal,anti-virus,anti-bacterial properties.

Eat foods high in calcium & B vitamins - Eat LESS red meats...more whole grains,beans, 
green leafy vegetables,sea vegetables,almonds.
Stay clear of chemical food additives...
Use healthier cooking oils like coconut oil .
Exercise more even if it is only a little everyday !
Try to make sure you are meeting YOUR nutritional needs.get your vitamins,fatty acids
and I believe in getting my daily yogurt.some green tea every day.
One of the best things to do is get yourself in the best health possible.
Try to make sure you are not lacking things that keep you healthy and of course try to get that sleep we all need.

Some people use a banana peel over the wart keeping it on it overnight and others have 
used a thin slice of garlic with olive oil on warts.I have personally used vitamin A on a 
band-aid and it actually worked !
Anti-oxidant rich foods like blueberries,cherries,vegetables...Avoid refined foods.

And yes you can catch it from another person (most likely if you have a cut or damaged skin
that is where the virus enters...
It can spread by touching the wart or by touching something that has touched the wart.
In most cases wart are harmless and go away on their own.Most treatment of warts 
take more than one treatment to go away.To keep from spreading don't pick at the warts.
Make sure to wash hands after touching warts and you probably should dry them with
paper towels so you can throw them out to keep from spreading the virus.
DO NOT SHARE personal items like bar soap,washcloths,towels,shavers/razors,wash off counters etc...

Make sure to call a doctor and have it looked at.
Treatments: Salicylic acid - Freezing treatment - Tape - Surgery

Stay tuned for updates !