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The Face And All It Endures

Posted by on 12/15/2016 to The Whole You

When you really think about it we put our face through quite a lot !

....Right from birth we are doing things to the face...from squishing down that birth canal 
and that first cry...right on through adulthood.
Crying,smiling,squinting,laughing...Using harsh toxic products on our skin...the sun damage,air pollution,
stress,the wrong foods,not enough hydration and so on.
We need to take care of our skin ! And our skincare routine and good products are very important
when you want to give your skin the best possible care.
...Your skin needs hydration on it and in it.
....Cleansing is a very important part of your skins health. Using the right products meant for your type of skin
can make all the difference.
Always cleanse and apply skin care products in an upward,circular motion with your finger tips.
Massage your face,neck & decollete with a good toxin free creme (you could even use a warm steam towel across the face
for a few minutes) Using a good toner mist following that is meant for your skin type.
Exfoliate to remove dead skin for a more polished,soft and supple younger looking skin that is glowing and fresh looking.
NEVER exfoliate with products that will scratch the skin and cause irritation.Depending on the exfoliant you are using it 
will help you decide how often to use...the harsher the exfoliant the less you will use it because of irritation 
(PLEASE don't use the harsh ones)...Ones that use jojoba beads you can use every 2-3 days because they are gentle enough !

It seems that we are always trying to fix or improve something with our skin !

Always tone after washing your face to help balance the pH, and remove any residuals leftover from cleansing that you missed 
helping to prepare your skin for the serums and moisturizers

Serums are also a very important part to healthy-beautiful-glowing skin !
There are different kinds of serums to use and address different skin issues.
Serums you will want to apply to your face,neck & decollete (chest)
Serums do many things,they can hydrate and smooth,get rid of skin discoloration,
wrinkles,lines,sagging skin and much-much more depending on what serum you use.
Serums are normally concentrated so you barely need to apply much at all.If you 
have applied to much your skin will usually feel tacky..


Everyone needs to moisturize no matter what type of skin you have.
...Figure out what type of skin you have and get a moisturizer made for your type
of skin.I hear many people say "My skin is oily I don't need moisturizer" YES you do !
Oily-Normal-Dry-Sensitive-Mature skin they all need to be hydrated to stay healthy.
DON'T use ones that have petroleum in them.
DO use non-comedogenic products to keep pore from clogging
NO fake fragrances
Soothing ingredients
DO blot your skin dry NO rubbing.
DON'T use harsh-high sudsing cleansers-they strip the skin of much need barrier oils
DO keep a good consistent skin care routine for healthy-glowing skin
In the winter months use a humidifier in your home
DO NOT pick at your face

If your skin feels especially tight and itchy after washing it then you probably have dry skin.

Normal skin tends to have the least imperfections/least problematic ~  Clean-Nourish - Moisturize

Dry skin is usually patchy,flakey.dull and rough with more visible lines and wrinkles and less 
elasticity than it should have-Tends to age faster.It can become very itchy & irritated.some will have 
eczema with dry skin...Cleanse - Nourish - Moisturize

Oily skin is shiny with enlarged pores,prone to acne and feels moist ...usually has pimples and blackheads 
because pores are clogged. Keep face cleansed with mild soap 2-3 times a day - Moisturize with a moisturizer 
meant for your skin - Anytime you cleanse to much and strip away the oils your skin is told to make more oil -

Sensitive skin is just plain out touchy about everything ! Most things irritate it making it dry-itchy-red-burning
Get some essential fatty acids on the skin and in the body.
Combination skin forehead-nose & chin are oily..And your eye-cheek and temples are probably on the dry side..
There are different reasons for our types of skin and their problems associated with them. And they can be 
handled by doing the right things like our cleansing habits and the right kind of product meant for our skin 
type and our sleep,diet and exercise.

Aging Skin ...First of all take care of your skin while you are young to help lessen the aging skin problems.
There are many signs of aging and of course wrinkles and lines really bug many of us...Dull - uneven skin tone 
- rough-dry skin - skin discoloration - less firm,loose,saggy skin - and those tell all age spots....
StaDon't sit out of the sun for long periods of time...get your healthy...get your fluids