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The Amazing Elderberry & You

Posted by on 7/30/2018 to The Whole You

The amazing elderberry !

Elderberry extract ( Sambucus nigra)

A natural remedy used by many with great success.
Elderberries have been used as a folk remedy for many, many years medicinally !

When it starts to get near the cold and flu season I make sure I have some on hand...I am in love with this syrup and may give their family members a spoonful a day for a better wellbeing !

Elderberries contains many wonderful things that we can benefit from ! 
Vitamins A, B and C, amino acids, carotenoids, kaempferol, phenolic acids, triterpenes Alpha- & Beta-, flavonoids (including quercetin & anthocyanins), organic pigments, rutin, sugar, tannin, viburnic acid 

 Elderberries are for many things including treating influenza, inflammation, allergies, cancer, sinus issues,infections, sciatica, headaches, dental pain, chronic fatigue,heart pain and nerve pain, as well as a laxative and diuretic

People that took elderberry juice when they had the flu got better quicker and had less serious symptoms !
The bioflavonoids in the extract along with other proteins are said to destroy the ability of the cold & flu viruses to infect the cells. It is known as one of the top anti-viral herbs on earth !
Seems to work best for many things like flu and cold when used within 48 hours of onset of the symptoms...

You can buy elderberry extract in many stores and online... You can also buy gels,jams,teas,juices and skin care products as well as other products for personal use !

We are all about the "Whole You" not just skin and body care products ...a love for life makes me want to share all things we can benefit from with all of you ! 
Peace & Love Debbie at DMinerals

"In a study in Israel ...Hasassah's Oncology Lab determined that elderberry extract stimulates the body's immune system."

You can research the internet and find all the wonderful info on elderberries....

Elderberries anthocyanins enhance our body's immune function by boosting the production of cytokines (Source: Bundesforsschungsanstalt research center for food in Karlsruhe)