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Sweeten Up That Skin !

Posted by on 4/18/2016 to News

Sweeten Up That Skin !
Do you know what a little sugar can do when it is used to pretty up that skin ?
Glycolic Acid works on the outermost layer of dead skin cells to clear the skin of those dead cells so the new cells 

can give you that fresh and plump skin you are looking for...

Giving you skin that is glowing, fresh and juicy because there is no dull buildup blocking the fresh skin underneath.

Also...Not only does it get rid of that dull outer layer of dead skin cells, The "Glycolic Acid" also helps to to alleviate 

and prevent blemishes and black heads and lighten hyperpigmentation spots. It helps to prevent blackheads and 

blemishes away by keeping the skin properly exfoliated removing the dead skin cells reducing the probability of any 

pores getting clogged, which helps prevent the formation of blackheads and blemishes.

Sugar cane is the skincare ingredient known as Glycolic Acid. It’s a member of the AHA family 

(known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids) Naturally derived acids that exfoliate and youthen the skin. 

There are different AHA's but "Glycolic Acid" is great because it is one of the safest & probably 

most gentle compared to most other AHA’s you could use and get some great skincare results.

Let's get that skin looking beautiful and young again or keep it looking young & beautiful and put

 that smile back on your face when you look in that mirror smile emoticon 

Doing those little things to make you look and feel better does a lot for an individual !

Glycolic Acid is a skincare ingredient that is used in different skincare products like serums,face 

cremes,masks, cleansers and scrubs as well as other products with wonderful results. 
*** Some people are more sensitive to AHA and in turn they can cause some sensitivity to the sun, 

so if you are using Glycolic Acid during the summer make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid sunburn.