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Summer Care & Storage Of Natural & Organic Products

Posted by dMinerals on 7/5/2016 to Ingredients

Summer Care & Storage Of Natural & Organic Products !

Natural & organic products need more attention in the hot weather and also where you store them can matter.

Many of the products contain ingredients that can and will be spoiled by high prolonged heat conditions.

When you go out in the heat and take your products with should really consider putting them in
a cooler (just protect in an airtight container to keep water off container) because they probably contain 
heat  & cold sensitive ingredients...This is very important because you do not want to make your product go bad.
Also when you order products that will be shipped to you that are heat and cold sensitive...Make sure you don't 
leave them sitting out in the heat or freezing cold. And always give your products time to sit and adjust to your 
house temperature just in case of melting from heat.
Natural & Organic products may separate which is normal..just open and really mix up the contents of the container 
and put the lid back on.
It's always best to keep your products at a room temp that is not hot or freezing.

If your house is hot stick your products in the fridge or in a cool dark cupboard keeping them out of direct sunlight.

Many of the great products contain healthy oils,essential oils and waxes that will melt at lower temperatures that some 
other products...Things like coconut oil will quickly turn to liquid (But will return to solid when cooled).And they are 
not preserved with toxic chemicals