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Stink Bugs & How To Get Rid Of Them EeeeeeKs !

Posted by on 9/25/2017 to News


Well how many of you have had trouble with Stink Bugs ( brown marmorated stink bug) ?
I can just see and hear many of you when you come across these invasive little critters !
Below you will find quite a bit of info that can be helpful in getting rid of these stinky pests !

WE have ! And that is why I am posting this lol....

The stink bug is really harmless to humans because they don't bite, eat nothing and they really just want to go back outside when the weather is warm again....they are invasive pests.
Stink bugs have caused many losses to fruit trees and crops in the mid-Atlantic region...
If you have stink bugs it may have a lot to do with the vegetation outside your home and what a stink bug eats ...Because they like to eat the foliage and seeds of black locust, maple, ash, Ailanthus altissima (tree of heaven) and catalpa trees....(Cornell University entomologist Peter Jentsch)

Stink bugs reproduce quickly and can be difficult to get rid of !
They tend to cluster together in large numbers....
Stink bug eggs are laid in the spring. And you really see them in the summer and early fall.

~ female stink bugs lay their eggs in the early spring
~ eggs are usually laid on the underside of leaves

~ Keep your plants well-trimmed to limit where stink bugs can lay eggs

~ each cluster can contain as many as 28 eggs

~ they mate multiple times laying as many as 486 eggs in it's lifetime

~ 250 different types of stink bugs

~ come in house for protection from cold weather

~ tend to gather together in warm, high places

~ they look for warm places to hibernate for the winter

~ they will not reproduce indoors or cause structural damage

~ prevention is key ! Seal all cracks in your windows and doorways, flooring, baseboards and ceiling light fixtures, chimneys, outdoor electrical outlets, attic vents, dryer vents, door thresholds, cracked siding, air conditioners, window- unit air conditioners vents etc...just like you weatherize your house...They can squeeze through the tiniest openings

~ Trap and kill them

~ don't vacuum them, they will release their odor in the vacuum cleaner

~ they can be controlled without the use of pesticides

~ Stop stink bugs from coming into your home ...because they are hard to get out once in

~ rub screens on the house with strong scented dryer sheets

~Squish a few stink bugs outdoors !!! The odor will warn other stink bugs to not come near !

~ They are faster and harder to kill on warm, sunny days...more quite & sluggish on cooler less sunny days...

~ catch them and put them outdoors or flush them down the toilet( I grab them with a plastic bag it makes it easier for me to catch and get rid of them and so I avoid touching them directly.

~ catch bugs with an empty water bottle

- do not use insecticides indoors to control stink bugs...they will die, stink and attract other bugs...

- wrap a knee-high stocking/stocking around the outside of the vacuum tube, holding it on with a tight rubber band, and then push it into the vacuum tube. You will then be able to trap them in the stocking and NOT the vacuum filter...then careful remove the stocking, holding the it closed & dump the stink bugs into a container of soapy water to kill the bugs.

- soapy water is most effective method & one of the least messy ones to use ( liquid dish soap will work )

- use a damp-wet towel outdoors...Stink bugs will congregate in the damp areas of the towel and then just dunk in soapy water container outdoors...

- Fill a spray bottle with soapy water.[2] use about 32 oz's of warm water and add about 3/4 cup any liquid dish detergent...shake bottle and spray bugs they will drop to the floor...but now you have to pick them up and throw them outdoors....This is handy to get the stink bugs you cannot knock into the jar of soapy water ! Spray in areas where they might be getting in cracks and crevices, along window sills, doorways, and baseboards. etc... along the ground around your home's foundation.....use a heavy coating of this solution in those areas so that invading stink bugs will walk through it and eventually die.

- you can also use a container of water with some white vinegar and knock/drop them in the vinegar solution a teaspoon to a tablespoon in a jar of water should do the trick will kill them..

- Garlic Water....mix a solution of garlic and water for an effective bug repellent. ...... combine two cups of warm water & four tablespoons of garlic powder, mix and spray this around the window sills and doors and garden,to repel those stink bugs... spray this solution every few days the most effectiveness.
- essential oils with certain strong smells like catnip,eucalyptus, lemon, Indian lavender, mint etc... can have a repellent effect on stink bugs.

- make a light and liquid soap trap ! ...stink bugs are attracted to the light, so they will fly into lighted area and the solution and die...use a bottle with the soapy solution in it and a light under the bottle as a trap...

Best Answer !

PUSH-Knock the stink bug into the jar of soapy water !
- keep a few jars around the house in different areas so you can get the bugs right away !
- quickly use a popsicle stick, skinny dowel rod or chopstick to push it
- AFTER you have collected a few of them...then flush the dead bugs down the toilet

By fall, adult stink bugs will begin looking for safe, warm places to hibernate for the winter. This is when they begin to venture indoors and can be found inside homes, buildings or even inside vehicles. They enter through small openings, cracks and crevices and will sleep protected indoors until temperatures warm up again in the spring. It is at this point they will venture to find their mates. In certain regions, there can be as many as two generations of stink bugs per year.

They stink when disturbed, squashed or frightened...The stink bugs secrete a very bad foul-smelling & bad-tasting substance....The stink is a defense mechanism for them....
The stink bug can fly quickly !

I hope you have found this info helpful and come back often for other interesting articles !

Well lol I am NOT an expert on this but I do know one thing ! I do NOT like stink bugs !
If you would rather just purchase a product to handle your stink bug problem without all the chemicals you could look into the company below ...they offer a safer choice you might want to try instead of they chemical ones...I have not tried their products and don't know anything about them except what is on their website...

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