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SkinCare-You & Aging

Posted by DMinerals on 8/31/2016 to Ingredients

Skincare Begins From Day One !
Throughout our years we need to take care of our skin....In the beginning our parents bathe us.
..Then we get old enough to bathe ourselves...As we hit our teen years we battle skin issues
-Those dreaded breakouts !

Then as we age we start to hit those days that we start to notice our skin shows we are getting older. 
....So we try to find ways to fix what bothers us !
Well....I would like to repeat...Skincare Begins From Day One !
It is important to use good products that are good for your skin and body from day one.
Many will say most are too expensive...I will say some are...and some are not...
And don't fall for that thought "Well if it costs a lot of money it MUST be good"
Higher prices are asked for many products for many reasons...
And yes in good products many ingredients do cost more...But many of those products are more concentrated 
and you DO NOT need to use as much of the product...
One thing many people do is use way more than needed of the product at one time.
NOT necessary to do that...If you use the right amount the product will last longer and you will enjoy it more.

If we do our best to take proper care of our skin with the right products.
..We will help minimize our skin problems.
Using products that are as free of toxins as possible in all areas of our life is one of the best things you 
can do for your skin and body...Today it is almost impossible to get away from all toxins...So we just do the best we can.
You will notice a difference after you start using products that are a healthier choice.

In the early years it seems to be skin sensitivities and allergies. A lot of people seem to have nut allergies ! 
Here at DMinerals we have a tree nut oil free creme in our "Little Baby BupKiss" Skincare line ! It was made for baby 
but can and is used by all ages/male and female.. To see this product CLICK HERE

Then as we get a little older and start hitting the teen years we need to be guided to the best choice of skin care products
that works for our own personal skin problems

And then as we start to edge closer to that mature skin we need those products that help with age spots-discolored skin...
Deep wrinkles and lines...Crepe like textured skin and dehydrated skin...Aging is normal and we should feel we can age with grace.
You can age with grace and without those costly and sometimes dangerous injections and surgeries !
One of the things that is very important in our skin is collagen ! It's the protein in the skin that keeps everything plump & juicy-resilient 
& filled in the skin and connective tissues-maintaining a healthy,youthful complexion.The ingredients in your skin care products can 
and will make all the difference for your skin !.
First of all we should always use products that are as toxin free as possible at the earliest age possible.
So as a parent we should choose healthy product to use on our kids and then teach our kids to make those same choices and then as
adults we will hopefully still make those good choices. And that way you should end up with some pretty happy skin throughout your life.
And if we treat our skin well we won't end up feeling like we need to hide our skin !

If you would like some great products to help keep your skin looking plump and gorgeous or to help plump-refresh and renew your skin CLICK HERE

If you have age spots-discolored skin CLICK HERE 

At DMinerals we do our best to provide you with some pretty awesome products !
We have been changing our site and some products and adding new !
Have a great Day !