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Sea Salt Benefits

Posted by on 7/7/2016 to Ingredients
Sea Salts have some pretty impressive benefits !
Sea salts are used for muscle cramps-arthritis-psoriasis among other things.
Sea salt is said to have anti-inflammatory effects due to the high magnesium content.
It is also helpful with acne due to its sulphur content.
Many find great relief with muscle cramps by soaking in a warm sea salt bath.
The mineral content of sea salt is very therapeutic .

Salt does play an important role in a healthy body...But you should limit your salt intake
Our body needs everything to be in balance and work together and when we over do it 
with one thing or another we can throw things off...So even though sea salt is good for 
you in many ways..Remember to use everything in moderation.

Sea salt is used in many ways ! 
A very popular one is as a bath soak.It is also used in scrubs and soaps.
Sea salts have lots of great things in potassium-magnesium-calcium to name a few.
Eczema sufferers find relief with the soak having to do with its anti-microbial and 
anti-inflammatory properties.
Many people find relief in different skin and body conditions by just soaking in a warm bath 
with sea salt.