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Rice Powder

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to Ingredients

Organic Rice Powder/Rice Powder In The Makeup & Skincare World (We Prefer Organic and kosher  )

~Rice powder helps achieve a silky matte finish in the mineral makeup world and absorbs moisture.
~Camouflages and softens lines and wrinkles
~ Rice powder is a perfect alternative to using talc in foundations
~Organic rice powder can be used alone as a matte finish.. It is added to many mineral/natural cosmetics as a filler ingredient, 
~Rice powder is lightweight, translucent and has slow oil-absorbing properties
~Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine
~Moisture control and is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic.
~Soothes & cools skin
~Used as a setting powder/mineral veil in place of cornstarch
~Adds a nice slip and silky application to mineral mineral makeup 
~ Rice powder allows the skin and pores to breathe