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Beautiful Face ! Get Your Hydro Boost Now !

Posted by on 3/15/2019 to News

Want That Smoother, Plumper, Beautiful Face ! Get Your Natural Hydro Boost Now !

The Amazing ZERO THC CBD

Posted by on 10/19/2018 to The Whole You

For many years I have used nature’s precious gifts to help improve my wellbeing. I always try to educate myself and others on what Mother Nature has to offer us…Right at our very finger tips… And I hope that everyone of you reading this gets to experience the power and effect that this precious CBD oil has…Over time I have learned all that I can about CBD and I just keep researching and learning ! Amazing ! 

Inflammation & You

Posted by on 4/22/2018 to The Whole You

You & Inflammation !

What is inflammation ? What can we do for inflammation ?

The Benefits Of CBD Hemp Oil--You & What It Really Is

Posted by on 2/5/2018 to News

Anyone who knows me knows that I am big on natural ways to manage my body's wellbeing-health.
And CBD has become a part of that for me ! With great happiness I can say that it works for me and many others ! Just look it up and see the personal testimonies of so many people ! 
It is absolutely amazing what the little drops of cbd has managed to help others with and how it is changing lives! And the good thing is you can't overdose on it ! It is oil from hemp-a food supplement ! It is not something that gets you high !
There is lots of research and research continues as we speak ! And that research is pretty amazing !

Many people are confused and misunderstand what CBD-cannabidiol is...Research does show that it is helpful in our body's wellbeing...Our very own body has its own endocannabinoid system that regulates the body's internal balance and are found throughout the body including the brain, immune cells and organs...CBD oil does not contain THC so NO you do not cannot get high from it and will not fail a drug test....LEGAL CBD Oil is made from hemp...The CBD Oil from CBD BioCare Is made from TSA hemp grown right here in the USA in Kentucky on a farm that is championing the worlds leading hemp genetics,cbd formulations and groundbreaking legislation ! ...They focus on scaling premium agricultural hemp for food products to promote easy availability locally, nationally and globally...."to simply deliver wellness and quality of life to the world by helping farmers farm"...They have a team of in house developers, scientists, operators and botanists to ensure industry leading quality...All products are tested for safety and quality by independent laboratories....They have a hemp research campus...They use whole plant hemp extract full spectrum (i.e. CBD and a natural balance of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes) And that is where CBD BioCare CBD oil comes from.

"Hemp, by law required to be very low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the non-psychotropic version of cannabis with superfood status.  In 2003, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services wrote patents on some of the cannabinoid molecules found in hemp, referring to them as “antioxidants and neuroprotectants.”

Recently, hemp oils high in cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), have gained fame due to the amazing evidence of their miraculous neuroprotective impact on little Charlotte Figi’s life – displayed to the world by CNN and sold under the Charlotte’s Web brand.  Now, millions realize that these neuroprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory benefits extend to a variety of health applications, including neurological issues like mild anxiety, pain from exercise-induced inflammation, and dozens more significant issues.

Many Americans are confused over the legality of hemp because it is not available for general farming like corn or soybeans. Until 2014, only imported hemp was legal in the U.S. according to federal law.  Thus, America is the largest importer of hemp products in the world, mostly from China, Canada and Europe."

There are only three ways to legally acquire CBD in the U.S.:


It is currently legal to import cannabidiol processed from hemp stalks and seeds, in concord with a 2004 9th Circuit court decision. Imported CBD extracted from the hemp flower is not in compliance with current importation under this decision, and hence these imports are subject to seizure.


CBD extracted from cannabis can be acquired in a state with a legal Medical Marijuana (MMJ) program. This CBD cannot move across state lines. As a controlled substance, it is limited to serving only those residing in that state.


The most beneficial way to acquire CBD in the U.S. is from a legal hemp program in a state that is fully compliant with Federal Farm Bill section 7606. The State of Kentucky has the best legislative and regulatory pathway to empower hemp programs to grow, cultivate, process, and market hemp and hemp-derived CBD. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) clearly articulates that the hemp flower is to be processed as an agricultural commodity, in other words, as food.

How Their Farm Trusted Hemp Products are Legal:

The 2014 Farm Bill (Agricultural Act of 2014) changed the legal status of hemp in the U.S.  Section 7606 conveyed to state Departments of Agriculture and institutions of higher learning the ability to grow, cultivate, process, and market hemp as long as research projects were conducted in accordance with corresponding state and federal laws.

While a small path to accessing this American grown superfood thus became available, it wasn’t until an August, 2016, issuance of a Statement of Principles by the USDA (also co-signed by DOJ/DEA and HHS/FDA) that federal agencies had a legal basis for the broad federal acceptance of hemp.   Recent clarification has removed most of the legal questions about the movement of hemp and hemp-derived products over state and international lines.

Kentucky’s leadership in hemp reform, stemming from its long history as the dominant American supplier of hemp products, has ensured that Kentucky’s farmers and processors are in the vanguard of this re-emerging agricultural commodity.

"Belle Vie" "Beautiful Life" Making A Difference "Be The Jumper Cable"

Posted by on 1/16/2018 to The Whole You

Life is emotions & feelings ! "Be The Jumper Cable"
And many times through our journey in life we lose them somewhere !
Sometimes we just become lost...numb...sometimes even feeling hopeless !
We lose track of just how beautiful life really is because of our troubles usually....
"Belle Vie" "Beautiful Life"  Life is beautiful..

Lavender ~ Lavender Lotion

Posted by on 11/9/2017 to The Whole You

We Did It !
Our "Buttery Lavender Lotion" Is almost ready for the store !
And it is AMAZING !

What Do You Want In A Skincare

Posted by on 8/30/2017 to The Whole You

What Do You Want In A Skincare

What Do You Want In A Skincare ?

...That is the question you should always ask yourself before buying !

...Your skincare choice is really an important decision !

...Do you want products filled with toxins that are absorbed into your 
skin and then into your bloodstream ?

Looking for that skincare that makes a difference ?

Posted by on 6/21/2017 to The Whole You

Looking for that skincare that makes a difference ?

DMinerals skincare will love your skin the way it should be loved...without all those nasty toxins and Mother Nature standing guard !

Unveil your skin's natural beauty with DMinerals ! 

Smooth and plump out those Wrinkles & lines

Posted by on 4/23/2017 to Products

Wanna turn back the hands of time a little !

Do want to reduce fine lines and wrinkles or tighten sagging skin & improve your skins elasticity and even smooth out that skin ? Try our Bio-Hydrate Line !

Muscle & Joint Aches and Swelling Relief

Posted by on 1/23/2017 to News

SO many of us suffer from muscle & joint - tendons & ligaments pain for various reasons. Finding what gives relief is a BIG AHhhhhhh !
...Are you achy, stiff muscles, hip discomfort,achy knees, sore feet, stiff/achy joints,shoulder & neck achy or stiff & tender/sore elbows.... ?
Maybe it's from age,exercise,arthritis,fibromyalgia,tendonitis,bursitis,carpal tunnel,morning stiffness
lupus,the flu,inflammatory disease, inflammation of certain muscle groups or anything else that causes the joints & muscles to become swollen,stiff,tight and painful....

Inflammation is the most common reason for muscle pain and aches....It interferes with most things in our daily life including sleep...  

15 Ways To Fight That Nasty Stomach Bug-Flu

Posted by on 12/19/2016 to News

UHhhh~OHhhhh !
Those nasty bugs~colds & flu are starting up !

I have had many people telling me about being sick with some pretty nasty things going around !
The Noroviruses are the biggest cause for the stomach bugs and flu that are HIGHLY contagious
and can be spread from touching things.... SOooo keep those hands washed and away from
mucous membranes-hands,mouth,eyes,nose. And keep the sick one away from others because
we don't want the virus to spread if we can at all help it..

How Did We Lose Touch With Nature

Posted by on 12/16/2016 to Toxins

How did we get so far away from nature !
We are nature...Natures gifts are what we need to survive....
And most of us don't even think about that !

Lavender ~ Lavender ~ Lavender

Posted by on 12/15/2016 to Ingredients

Lavender ~ Lavender ~ Lavender 

♡ It is one of the MOST popular Essential Oils in the world !
♡♡♡ I never really liked the smell of lavender.......Until I met own Lavender spray mist...Now I am in love with it ! ♡♡♡
Lavender is known for its stress-relieving,antibacterial,anti-fungal, antimicrobial, expectorant, antiseptic and analgesic properties.

The Face And All It Endures

Posted by on 12/15/2016 to The Whole You

When you really think about it we put our face through quite a lot !

....Right from birth we are doing things to the face...from squishing down that birth canal 
and that first cry...right on through adulthood.
Crying,smiling,squinting,laughing...Using harsh toxic products on our skin...the sun damage,air pollution,
stress,the wrong foods,not enough hydration and so on.
We need to take care of our skin ! And our skincare routine and good products are very important
when you want to give your skin the best possible care.

Christmas~Essential Oils-Three Wise Men

Posted by on 12/14/2016 to Ingredients

Christmas~Essential Oils-Three Wise Men
With the holidays upon us I think about all those great scents,cookies and great food...
And gifts...the fun and excitement of gift giving...seeing those little faces light up with 
excitement...And the gifts from the Three Wise Men... Gold a symbol of divinity...
Frankincense a symbol of holiness and righteousness...Myrrh symbolizes suffering,bitterness and affliction.

NEW Serum Product ALERT !

Posted by Debbie at DMinerals on 12/9/2016 to News


We did it again ! 

A great product that is great for you and your skin !

DMinerals NEW Niacinamide Serum Coming To Our Store Soon !

    Each day...Many of us are getting ready for the day washing and preparing 

our face to look fabulous ! And then we stop and look at our face and notice 

those lines,the wrinkles and NOT so plump skin...And then ask ourselves....

How can I help my skin, plump my skin and make it smooth again ? 

How can I get rid of these wrinkles and lines ? 

Well let us help you with that !

Olive Oil & You

Posted by on 10/12/2016 to News

Olive Oil & You !

  Nature gives us many of the most precious gifts we can use for many things !
And Olive Oil is one of those precious gifts. The Ancient Greeks called it "Liquid Gold" .
For many-many years it has been used as a skin moisturizer...Olive oil has Omega-3 & Omega-5 fatty acids 
and is also a great source of antioxidants. Whether you use olive oil with your food or apply it topically to 
your skin it will show your body some love. Olive Oil has been an still is used for all kinds of things even 
a tooth whitener !

NEW Ingredients List

Posted by on 9/24/2016 to News
Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis) (Common Name & INCI Name example)

Don't be alarmed...Companies have to comply with the required Product NEW Ingredients List ! You will start seeing changes in the products ingredients list/deck. You have been told to buy products you can easily read...well you will still see the easy to read ingredient name / common name but you will also see the INCI / “International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients” (botanical-scientific name) These are scientific English and Latin words that are used to describe cosmetic ingredients that are used worldwide as a uniform way of labeling cosmetic products so everyone can understand....( INCI provides a uniform, standardized system for the global identification of cosmetic ingredients )

All About Lavender

Posted by on 9/21/2016 to News

Lavender is one of the most popular & versatile herbs throughout time and has been used for many-many years (for over 2,500 years)....for many things has been used in food and fragrance/aromatherapy,to relieve congested, Improves eczema and psoriasis, sinuses to ease stress to help induce sleep and relieve depression and still is... rubbed on the temples when diluted with a carrier oil or just smelling to relieve headaches, restores skin complexion and reduces acne....The worlds largest lavender producing area is Provence...Essential oils are extracted by steam distillation

Orange Blossom Neroli Spray Mist

Posted by DMinerals on 9/1/2016 to The Whole You

This is such a beautiful-sweet-AHhhh moment scent when you smell this mist !

It is refreshing-calming & uplifting !
When you are experiencing some of your worst moments try a few sprays of our Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate
...Studies have shown that scents do influence mood and behaviour.

SkinCare-You & Aging

Posted by DMinerals on 8/31/2016 to Ingredients

Skincare Begins From Day One !
Throughout our years we need to take care of our skin....In the beginning our parents bathe us.
..Then we get old enough to bathe ourselves...As we hit our teen years we battle skin issues
-Those dreaded breakouts !
Then as we age we start to hit those days that we start to notice our skin shows we are getting older. 
....So we try to find ways to fix what bothers us !

Baby & Ingredients To Stay Away From

Posted by DMinerals on 8/15/2016 to Toxins

When choosing baby products...choose wisely.
We don't want to put things on baby or us that can be harmful.
And as a parent and caretaker it is up to us to do the healthy thing.
It is almost impossible to get totally away from all the toxins.
We just really need to do the best we can...So just learn all you can
about ingredients to be able to make the best possible choices.
Here are some ingredients to try and stay away from and some that are great !

Introducing dMinerals Little Baby BupKiss Baby Creme

Posted by dMinerals on 7/14/2016 to News

Made for baby BUT great for everyone baby-children-teens-women-men-elderly...
Anyone with NUT ALLERGIES ! There are NO tree Nut Oils in our Light weight 
Little Baby BupKiss Baby Creme ! Use it to hydrate and nourish the skin 
throughout the day whenever you want !

Summer Care & Storage Of Natural & Organic Products

Posted by dMinerals on 7/5/2016 to Ingredients

Summer Care & Storage Of Natural & Organic Products !

Natural & organic products need more attention in the hot weather and also where you store them can matter.

Many of the products contain ingredients that can and will be spoiled by high prolonged heat conditions.

dMinerals "NUT FREE" Little Baby BupKiss" Creme

Posted by on 6/9/2016 to News

 "Little Baby BupKiss" Creme is our "NUT FREE" creme formulated with baby in mind !
Although it was made for baby...It is great for anyone of any age~male or female ! It has a very 
light scent from the ingredients and not overpowering .
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