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Orange Blossom Neroli Spray Mist

Posted by DMinerals on 9/1/2016 to The Whole You

This is such a beautiful-sweet-AHhhh moment scent when you smell this mist !

It is refreshing-calming & uplifting !
When you are experiencing some of your worst moments try a few sprays of our Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate
...Studies have shown that scents do influence mood and behaviour.

This can be used as a body,clothing,bed and linen spray or room spray- It is also a great hand refresher,just give the hands a few spritzes ...Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate is emotionally calming.
..Some have told me they use a damp cloth sprayed with the Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate to wipe their children's face to calm them when they are throwing a fit...So if your having a bad day try a few sprays ! It is often suggested to many to use during times of nervous tension, anger, anxiety, fear, depression,irritability and more .
There were studies that showed Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate mists relieved stress in some animals...
It is found to be a good toner and balancer for both the oily and drier skin areas.
And Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate is really a gender neutral scent so everyone can enjoy it's delights !
It is also considered antiseptic and antibacterial due to the presence of camphene, alpha pinene,linalool and limonene .
Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are great for the skin-It has a gentle toning action and a great choice for acne prone skin ! WOW this is one great product all the way around !

The Orange flowers signify love,courage & joy .
When you send out cards-scent them with a few sprays of the orange neroli spray mist.

Our Orange Blossom Neroli Distillate is obtained through steam distillation from the flower.
..distillates have similar properties to essential oils but they are much less concentrated...They are also known as hydrosols,floral waters,toilet waters and hydrolates ...
Ours is pure orange blossom neroli distillate...

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