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Olive Oil & You

Posted by on 10/12/2016 to News

Olive Oil & You !

  Nature gives us many of the most precious gifts we can use for many things !
And Olive Oil is one of those precious gifts. The Ancient Greeks called it "Liquid Gold" .
For many-many years it has been used as a skin moisturizer...Olive oil has Omega-3 & Omega-5 fatty acids 
and is also a great source of antioxidants. Whether you use olive oil with your food or apply it topically to 
your skin it will show your body some love. 
If you were to ask people what is olive oil used for most would probably answer with cooking and salad dressings. 
But Olive Oil has been and still is used for all kinds of things like religious ceremonies,skin care,medicine
,even fuel for lamps and a tooth whitener !

Olive Oil does NOT clog pores ! And it is great for the nails and cuticles ! Warm a little olive oil and massage 
it into the skin on those sore muscles & joints.....It can help you have / keep healthy skin,especially those that have dry skin.
Many use products with it in it for psoriasis,eczema,acne and more..It has softening,hydrating and soothing 
properties for the skin.Great as an anti-aging ingredient in a product or alone on it's own.
One of our great products that has Olive Oil in it is our "Rescue Me Barrier Balm"  The "Rescue Me Barrier Balm" is great 
for so many things you will actually choose it as your go to rescue balm !

Olive trees are some of the oldest trees in the world and some very-very old ones still stand just outside 
Jerusalem in a garden called "Garden Of Gethsemane"...And I find that very interesting !
The first pressing of olives to get the oil is called "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" this is the one that retains the most aroma and flavor.
Where the "Virgin Olive Oil" normally comes from the second pressing 

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