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Natures Muscle & Joint Rescue Creme 2oz.

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75% Organic

 Vegan  ~ Paraben-Free  ~  Phthalate-Free  ~ Gluten-Free

Are you achy, stiff muscles, hip discomfort,achy knees, sore feet, stiff/achy joints,shoulder & neck achy or stiff & tender/sore elbows.... ?

Maybe it's from age,exercise,arthritis,fibromyalgia,the flu or anything else that causes the joints & muscles to become swollen,stiff,tight and painful. Some have even reported relief with plantars fasciitis after using our creme.

We have a special cream and gel for that ! Our "Natures Muscle & Joint Rescue Creme" ! Can you say RELIEF ? This creme used over time even makes a bigger difference....

Some of the best ingredients you can find from nature to handle the above problems exist in our DMinerals  "Natures Muscle & Joint Rescue Creme" and some of them are in our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" . These two muscle rubs compliment each other.....

MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a powerful anti-inflammatory that has been researched over the years & is essential for the repair of ligaments,muscles, joints ...It is a natural organic sulfur compound that is a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory...Sulfur is the third most abundant mineral in our body...A shortage of sulfur may be the reason we have less flexibility especially as we age...causing muscles and joints to become stiff...MSM was found to be an effective pain killer..MSM also blocks inflammations and is a muscle relaxant helping to relieve muscle tension, relieving muscle soreness...Enjoy the reduction of pain when using a good cream containing MSM..Kosher and Halal certified ~ non-GMO ~ vegan MSM
....MSM is used to treat many things like Osteoporosis,
Tendonitis,Bursitis,Joint inflammation, Muscle cramps
Musculoskeletal pain,Osteoarthritis and more...
***MSM is in our "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue"***

Arnica (Arnica Montana) is good for a few things,inflammation/ swelling, sprains,reducing pain,bruises,arthritis, muscle pain,a bump,relieve stiffness, effective against osteoarthritis,Carpal Tunnel,Muscle tenderness...
***Arnica is in our "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue"***

Ginger Root Oil is known for relieving aches & pains because it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body....It can help relieve muscle pain, muscle spasms,backaches, arthritis, rheumatism.
*** Ginger root oil is in both "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties to help those sore joints and muscles helping to relieve aches and pains.
*** Eucalyptus Leaf Oil is in "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Lavender Flower Oil is also a great anti-inflammatory, analgesic and it's calming so it makes it very helpful for those aching muscles & swelling
***Lavender Flower Oil is in "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue ***

Black Pepper Oil is great for muscular aches and pains,it is very warming with pain relieving properties that can be very helpful for those with arthritis and sore muscles,
*** Black Pepper Oil is in both "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Oregano Oil can penetrate the skin down to the fluid in the joints and reduce the inflammation helping to regain your muscle and joint flexibility.Helpful for those suffering from arthritis,bursitis,
sprains, sore muscles,cramps,(inflammatory problems), psoriasis and eczema,handles fungi,bacteria and yeasts,Staphylococcus bacteria (antibacterial action),athletes foot,eczema...amazing huh ?
*** Oregano Oil is in both "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Cypress Oil is helpful with arthritis, rheumatism,osteoarthritis, cramps,help soothe broken skin, has astringent effects,relieve pain,helps strengthen and tighten your tissues,sedative & calming effect on your mind and body...
*** Cypress Oil is in our ""Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue " ***

Rosemary Leaf Oil contains analgesic properties that also help with arthritis, aches & pains.
*** Rosemary Leaf Oil is in both "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Sweet Basil Leaf Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, diuretic,antiviral & antibiotic,Muscle Relaxant,Antibacterial and Antifungal,is an analgesic/relieves pain,itching from bites and stings,Soothe sore muscles and joints.
*** Sweet Basil Leaf Oil is in both "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Chamomile Flower Oil is an Anti-inflammatory,good for Muscle spasms,arthritis & rheumatic pain reliever-It has been called the herbal aspirin for ages because it is helpful in reducing pain.reduces swelling also,arthritis, injuries, back pain,achy muscles,rheumatic problems,

***German & Roman Chamomile Flower Oil are in both "Nature's Muscle & Joint Rescue & our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Helichrysum Flower Oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,antibacterial, antifungal...Inflammation of the muscles and joints,Wound healing...helps decrease muscle pain by lowering swelling, fast pain relieving action,muscular-skeletal/ ligaments,muscles, joints, tendons ,back pain and neck pain, inflammation and improving circulation.. arthritis, fibromyalgia
*** Helichrysum Flower Oil is in our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin gives that hot, soothing sensation when used on the skin-Making muscles feel relaxed, relieves muscle spasms,is applied to skin for pain, for nerve pain (neuropathy) , shingles, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
*** Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin is in our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

White Camphor Bark Oil - Anti-inflammatory,Antispasmodic,muscle spasms,Anesthetic/a cooling sensation to help with pain,soothes muscles,
*** White Camphor Bark Oil is in our "Mursey Me Muscle Gel" ***

Our Muscle cream and Our Muscle gel are effective and gentle on your skin...They can also be used before working out to help reduce pain & stiffness. ( "Natures Muscle & Joint Rescue" can also be used for massage )

***Carbomer and TEA-FREE.


Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis), Organic Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone), Emulsifying Wax (Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60), Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Glycerin, Organic Arnica Flower Extract (Arnica Montana), Sweet Basil Leaf Oil (Ocimum Basilicum), Black Pepper Oil (Piper Nigrum), Roman Chamomile Flower Oil (Anthemis Nobilis), German Chamomile Flower Oil (Chamomilla Recutita), Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Citronella Oil (Cymbopogon Winterianus), Eucalyptus Leaf Oil (Eucalyptus Globulus), Helichrysum Flower Oil (Helichrysum Italicum), Ginger Root Oil (Zingiber Officinale), Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil (Citrus Paradisi), Juniper Berry Oil (Juniperus Communis), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon Flexuosus), Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita), Pine Needle Oil (Pinus Sylvestris), Ravensara Oil (Ravensara Aromatica), Rosemary Leaf Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis), Spearmint Oil (Mentha Spicata), Wild Oregano Oil (Origanum Vulgare), Organic Cypress Oil (Cupressus Sempervirens), Sweet Fennel Oil (Foeniculum Vulgare), Lemon Peel Oil (Citrus Limon), Lavender Flower Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia), Organic Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic Acid

5 Stars
Nothing short of spectacular!!! I purchased this for an issue I am having with plantar fasciitis. I apply it four times a day ... within a week my heel is remarkably better and improved ... not to mention it has helped with my dry heels! I have been using ice, heat, aspercreme, a tennis ball and foot exercises, to no avail. I will definitely be getting another jar ... and another!
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 2/24/2017
5 Stars
I love this ! It's mildly scented and works better with each use..I use this and the Mursey Me Muscle Gel depending on what is bothering me and how bad.I alternate the two during the day
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Syracuse. on 1/7/2017

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