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Natural Scented Home Aromatherapy

Posted by Administrator on 6/2/2015 to News
Did you ever notice when you light up those wonderfully scented candles in your home or office somebody starts getting all congested,stuffy nose or complaining about the scent ? Well most are scented with toxins/chemicals that our bodies don't like ! Especially people with allergies and asthma ! There are natural ways that give you fantastic scent without the toxins.There are candles that are scented with essential oils that are great !

My favorite ways to scent the home is with a simmer pot and and essential oil diffuser !
With both of these you use what nature has to offer ! And you can come up with some of you own great scents by combining things like fruits/apples,oranges,lemons,spices in the simmer pot and in your diffuser different combinations of some great essential oils ! They are a healthier way to scent your home ! Below is a few combinations I personally love !

Fall / Baking Scents

Combine apple slices,orange peels,cranberries,clove,cinnamon sticks and fill simmer pot with water or cider and simmer...make sure to keep putting liquid in while simmering to keep it from drying out

For your diffuser a scent loved by many is a combination of rosemary,lemon peels and vanilla. ( for diffuser use essential oils and for simmer pot you can use  fresh or dried ingredients)