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NEW Ingredients List

Posted by on 9/24/2016 to News

Organic Aloe Leaf Juice (Aloe Barbadensis) (Common Name & INCI Name example)

Don't be alarmed...Companies have to comply with the required 
Product NEW Ingredients List ! You will start seeing changes in the products ingredients list/deck. You have been told to buy products you can easily read...well you will still see the easy to read ingredient name / common name but you will also see the INCI /  "International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients" These are scientific English and Latin words that are used to describe cosmetic ingredients that are used worldwide as a uniform way of labeling cosmetic products so everyone can understand.INCI provides a uniform, standardized system for the global identification of cosmetic ingredients )

SOooo...when you start seeing the new labels for the skin care / cosmetics not to worry ! You will still see the easy to read ingredients right next to the botanical/scientific/INCI names.... Those great natural & organic products you have been using are still great the labels just contain new info that can be read globally !
Ingredients are listed in order of predominance starting with the ingredient used in the greatest quantity followed by the ingredient used at the next greatest quantity.Each ingredient must be listed in descending order of predominance down to 1% at which point ingredients thereafter can be listed in any order....The new labeling makes it so the ingredients are consistently listed using the same ingredient name from product to product....Making it also easier to compare the ingredients between multiple products for everyone ...You may not be able to pronounce the botanical/scientific/INCI name but you can still pronounce the common name...This labeling in required by law now so you will start seeing it more and more as companies change their labels.