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NEW Bio-Hydrate Skincare Line

Posted by dMinerals on 4/20/2016 to News

Over the next few weeks we will be adding some really fantastic products in dMineral's store !

Quench your thirsty skin with our bio-hydrating line & get that moisture boost and cellular plumping your skin is begging for !

If you are looking to get back your plump and juicy epidermis and leave behind your shriveled ~ tired ~ sallow complexion without awful surgery then you want to use our bio-available solution that will help to firm up and tone the skins surface !

Bomb your face with our little miracle 72% organic bio-hydration mask that is safe enough for use every day !

If your skin is begging you for hydration you really want to use our bio-hydrate line ....

Our 71% Organic Bio-Hydrating~Foaming Face Wash is a healing and gentle and nourishing skin cleanser....

Our Hydration Toner prepares your skin to receive the hydration of the complete line of our Bio-Hydration line... Our 70% organic Hydrating Toner has soothing and calming botanicals ...

Our bio-hydrating creme is 72% organic-gentle and safe for all skin types and daily use.