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Lemons + Water + You !

Posted by on 3/2/2017 to The Whole You

Lemons + Water + You !

How many of you know about lemon water and the benefits of drinking it ?

After reading this why don't you try a little experiment ! Try drinking a couple glasses of lemon water a day for a couple weeks and eliminate some of the junkie drinks and see if you notice any difference in your body and let us know...There are a couple challenges I see out there to do this....Even if you don't drink junkie drinks but don't drink lemon water try adding it to your daily list of drinks !

First of all lemon water is very refreshing and gives you that feeling of a boost in energy ! And of course can help with healthy hydration levels....So if you can't stand drinking just plain water try adding some lemon.

Lemons as we all know are a citrus fruit that is high in vitamin C ...Drinking lemon water in the morning or anytime helps flush out toxins in our body....Making it a great way to detox and cleanse....It helps the liver filter out unwanted toxins.....the absorption of iron & other nutrients as well ! Lemons have other nutrients like magnesium,thiamin, Vitamin B6, folate & potassium.

The body can become acidic and that causes problems with our body and lemon water can help with that so we want to get our body back to a good alkaline state..And drinking lemon water can help do that....It also helps with digestion !

Lemons give you a daily boost of vitamin C ! Vitamin C is water soluable so you don't store it in the body and needs to be replenished daily and lemons can help do that ! Vitamin C help the body produce collagen keep your skin looking great !

Lemons have a low glycemic index !

Why not replace a couple of your daily drinks that are on the unhealthy side with a great glass of lemon water ? It could even help you loose a few pounds getting rid of those sweet,high calorie drinks...

Studies have shown that lemon water seems to help treat kidney stones along with the normal treatments.
Another study has shown that lemon juice is also helpful with gout in reducing serum uric acid levels.
Lemon peel contents are said to reduce glucose levels in different body areas such as eyes, kidney & nerves that can be damaged from diabetic complications.

Many of us do not get enough water...getting into the habit of drinking lemon water is a great way to get some of that water our body really needs.
So why not start out with a good hot cup of refreshing lemon water in the morning ?

There is a ton of info out there about drinking lemon water and the some research and get your lemon water fix :)