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Influence children's cleansing habits at a young age the and what to use.

Posted by on 5/31/2017

Influence children's  cleansing habits at a young age the and what to use.

Our skin acts as the barrier between the environment and our body....Our skin is the largest organ of the human body & it is important to our health so it is very important to Take good care of our skin...We need to clean and care for our skin, If we don't it will start to show.

As children, our skin is more resilient, and it's at this time we want to them to start forming good skincare habits.

As with any skin, at any age...treat your skin with love...Do not use rough cloth,cleansers, scrubs etc...on the skin...It will only scratch and damage skin or possibly cause breakouts.
Use products without all those chemical toxins !

You will want to influence the children at a young age as far as their cleansing habits and what to use.
Gentle cleansing products are best for the skin so you don't strip away the much needed natural oils.