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Inflammation & You

Posted by on 7/22/2017 to Toxins
Inflammation & You

Inflammation...Get rid of it and feel better !

Just about every health problem is linked to inflammation..cancers, ADD, ADHD, migraines, diabetes, heart, chronic pain etc...
Inflammation is kind of like a knock on your door that pops up and says...Hello you have something wrong you need to address.

Inflammation is the body trying to protect & heal itself....
... Most of the inflammatory diseases/illnesses start in the gut
... Inflammation affects most if not all of us
...Inflammation is your body's immune response.
... Dr.s and research say that our wounds,infections would never heal without inflammation.
But it can eventually lead to other problems also..
...When you have inflammation you usually have these 5 things that go along with it.Pain, 
redness, immobility, swelling and heat.
... Scientists at the Emory University Of Medicine, Atlanta Georgia have found that not
getting enough sleep or good quality sleep raises inflammation levels...
...Inflammation usually causes pain because the swelling will push against your sensitive nerve endings...
... Inflammation drops when weight is lost
...If you are deficient in Vitamin A you will probably have inflammation
....Just about every illness and disease has immune disorders

There are some different ways to deal with inflammation and you should speak to your doctor...
Pain and inflammation relievers like NSAIDS, corticosteroids,acetaminophen,different natural remedies like fish oil,cannabidiol, tart cherry juice, ginger & turmeric,green tea, ice and many others