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How Did We Lose Touch With Nature

Posted by on 12/16/2016 to Toxins

How did we get so far away from nature !
We are nature...Natures gifts are what we need to survive....
And most of us don't even think about that !
I think a big part of getting away from nature has to do with making money
from products that try to take the place of what nature offers us !
Many of those products are so cheap price wise people will choose those over natures gifts.
Wrong-wrong choice ! 
Why because most of them are chemicals that have no place in our body and most of the 
ingredients are harmful.
We really need to get back to what nature has to offer !
Our children need us to do that for them-their health and their future.

What would you be without them or with out enough of them ?
Without them we would not exist...Without enough of them we would not be healthy....

In all of those things there are ways to maintain our body and our health.
Since the beginning of time especially plants have been used for all kinds of health issues.
From a little scratch to upset stomachs to all kinds of illness...

Essential Oils are the life blood flowing through mother natures amazing plants !
Essential Oils have been used and are still used for many-many things !
Today there is more interest than I can ever remember in their uses and benefits.
They are used in so many things we use from diffusers,body & linen spray mists,
skin care,cleaning products,even medicine & some foods and so much more !

Essential Oils are very-very concentrated and really should be diluted in some way 
before use. (carrier oils,water etc.. ) I have probably been told you can 
ingest essential oils... I am not in the food business or a medical professional so I
will NOT suggest to anyone to take them internally.

Nature has so many wonderful gifts that are there for the taking and deserves our 
respect and understanding.

There are many essential oils from many plants that have many different benefits.

For example DMinerals Botanical 5 Immune Blend has 5 different very powerful
essential oils that are used by people every day made by many different companies.
Below you will find some of information about the 5 different essential oils....

Those Essential Oils Are:

Clove: Immune enhancing,ability to purify blood,Anti-viral, immune boosting,powerful antioxidant ,anti-inflammatory,antiseptic,wounds,cuts,relaxing,anti-microbial,kill mold & fungus,anti-fungal,acne,parasites,germicidal properties,improve blood circulation,acne,candida,E.coli,staph aureus,Know as the "protective" herb,asthma,coughs,headaches,athletes foot,insect bites & stings,dental,bad breath,helps with cavities,wrinkles-aging-saggy skin,pain reliever,rheumatic & arthritic joints

Lemon Oil: Powerful antioxidant, natural solvent and cleanser, supports circulation,antibacterial,antifungal,anti-mircrobial,stimulating,calming,astringent,antiseptic,disinfectant,anti-fungal,,stimulate lymph drainage,bug repellent,immune booster, 

Cinnamon Bark: High in antioxidants,anti-microbial,acne,infections,bacteria, supports digestive system, stimulates the immune system,relieves discomfort, circulation booster/increase blood flow,antiparasitic,anti-inflammatory,natural home deodorizer,detoxify the air in home,antiplatelet,antiviral,lower inflammation,fight viruses,relieve depression,help keep blood sugar stable,

Rosemary Oil: Antiseptic,antimicrobial,antioxidant properties,anti-inflammatory,Naturally energizing,healing nerve growth,Relieves muscle aches and pains,helps to restore mental alertness when experiencing mental fatigue,hair & skin care,stimulate hair growth,slows graying hair,memory,help Alzheimer's, indigestion,eczema,dermatitis,depression,stress relief,immune system boost,headaches,

Eucalyptus Radiata: Highly antiviral, antibacterial,antioxidant, antimicrobial,colds & flu,sinus & allergies,supports respiratory system,air cleanser,odor remover,helps kill mold,helpful with  respiratory problems,pain & inflammation reducing ( wounds,sore,burns,cuts,bug bites & stings,pain reliever,speeds healing,relief for some respiratory problems,great for killing mold,air cleanser

***Always seek the help of a medical professional when needed...We are not a medical professional...

For educational purposes only - This information is not intended to treat,diagnose, cure any illness or disease.