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Headaches After Juicing

Posted by on 3/15/2018 to The Whole You

Headaches after Juicing ?

How many of you out there own a juicer and make your own fresh juice ?

Juicing has many wonderful benefits and for most of us right after we get that first sip on our tongue...we start to feel it wonderfulness in all it's glory...Silly to some right ? But right from that first sip...My eyeballs even feel the difference lol...Laugh if you must while I sit here feeling some wonderful things from my fresh squeezed juice !!!!

There is just something really special about that juice you just took the effort to make ...

OKay so when you juice fresh juice do you ever get a headache ?
There are some that do !

When you juice you have basically taken away the parts that make it take a little longer to absorb and all those wonderful nutrients are absorbed pretty quickly and goes directly into your blood stream....
SOooo you can make that blood sugar rise and fall especially when you juice a lot of fruits in the morning ...doing so you are giving your body a good amount of sugar when that sugar level begins to drop, you may get a slight headache....
....So whether you juice or not make sure you are eating small meals or snacks throughout the day and that will help stop that rise and fall of the sugar and help stop those juicing headaches !

If you feel like your juice is too strong right out of the juicer you can always add water to suit your taste buds and that will also help STOP that spike in the blood sugar that contributes to or causes that juicing headache !
ALSO..PLEASE wash your fruits and veggies to get rid of all the toxins possible before juicing and of course buy organic when possible !

When you are juicing there really isn't much of anything for our body to break down sooo BAMMM ! it enters the body with more of a rush than if you just ate the fruits and veggies...

Also it seems that as your body is detoxing it releases those toxins into your bloodstream to get the toxins out of the body. Studies tell us that if you have a lot of toxins in your body, especially any of the metals, you will tend to be more prone to these kind of headaches.

What else can we do ?
Well the first thing we all know is to drink lots of water !
I also drink my green tea that has 1 bag of green tea and one bag of chamomile tea every day !

One big reason I juice is because of my arthritis ! And when I drink that fresh made juice ...It feels so good right from that first drop that rolls over my I let it sit there for a moment and savor the flavor and the feeling I get from that first sip !

One of my favorite juice blends is a mixture of:

A little ginger
Fresh squeezed lemon
and a little water

And pick a special glass to drink it really makes a difference !

"Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food" Hippocrates

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