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Feed Your Face !

Posted by dMinerals on 7/5/2016 to Toxins
Feed Your Face with good-healthy products that have great ingredients !


It's almost impossible to get totally away from toxins ! What you can do 
is make better-wiser choices when choosing the things you will put on your 
skin,in your body and in our environment . You want products with ingredients 
that are the least harmful to you and others & our environment. You want 
products with ingredients that will feed your skin helping to keep it healthy.
And for those of you that are parents it is up to you to make the choices of healthy 
products for the children...You don't want products that have ingredients that are known 
as a harmful ingredient to enter your child's body...Remember...Your skin is like a sponge
absorbing what you put on it and sending it into the bloodstream...It does not have to 
cost you an arm and a leg for good,healthy products.Also remember many people use
way too much of a product many times which is a waste and makes it so you get less
uses for your money. Some products are more concentrated than others...most of our 
products a little goes a long way.

So feed your face-skin with good things that promote a healthier skin and you !
Think about it this way...if you were poisoned...what happens get sick 
(your body's reaction)...Well basically that is how your skin reacts...the healthier the 
product the less irritated and healthier your skin and body !

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