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Posted by dMinerals on 4/11/2015 to Products

  • DMINERALS mineral makeup is filled to the top !
  • We fill by volume NOT weight ! Get the most for your money when you purchase our 100% crushed mineral makeup… A healthier choice at an affordable price with DMINERALS high quality makeup & skincare …. Make the switch to DMINERALS TODAY !
  • We also offer women the opportunity to be a part of our company as a consultant ! We believe that family is important…being there when you are needed and being able to contribute to your financial health…  Family 1st !
  • We offer 30% commission,NO website fees,NO cost to join us, NO recruiting,Kit or product purchase is NOT required to join us,NO quotas ! Our consultants enjoy a consultant discount on our products and may purchase products to build their own kit/products to show customers at a discount…Remember customers like to try,touch,feel and smell products before purchasing if possible. That’s it ! Our Consultant program is plain and simple… YOU sell…YOU earn commissions ! We believe everyone is different and will work in their own way to earn their commissions