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Frequently Asked Skin Care & Mineral Makeup Questions

FAQ: At this time we are redoing our makeup line so stay tuned !


Q:Where are your products made ?

A: Our products are made right here in the USA at this time and we don't plan on changing that ! They are made with the highest quality ingredients that you can depend on !

Q: Do your products sit around on shelves for a long time ?

A: Our products are made in small batches that will give you fresh products when you order. We do NOT use all those chemical preservatives like many do. 

Q: What is DMinerals

A:   Dminerals started out as a dream for great products that are good for your skin and to make a difference in lives that became a reality that is growing...A simple & flexible way to also help women earn money on their own time - at their own pace and be able to spend valuable time with their loved ones.With out all the stress of meeting quotas...

Q: What about your ingredients ?

A:  Our ingredients are carefully selected ! We use trusted companies that we work together with that do not test on animals,believe in sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices...We look for companies that are as eco friendly as possible...we want to give you the best products possible because we care .

Q: What are distillates


Plant distillates / hydrosols / floral water / hydroflorates are created by steam distilling plant parts with water. Distillates - hydrosols - floral water -hydroflorates water have similar properties to essential oils (they contain all the essence of the plant in a far less concentration)....making them safe for use on the skin without diluting them...the pure essential oils must be diluted...

Q: What is the difference between natural and organic skincare?

A:   “natural” has not been regulated by any government official.  According to the FDA, natural ingredients are referred to as "ingredients extracted directly from plants or animal products as opposed to being produced synthetically."

Cosmetic products made with organic ingredients are telling you that the ingredients are free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, sewage sludge, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Q: What is mineral makeup?


A: Mineral Makeup is one of the healthiest, most natural form of makeup available. It has a built in SPF 15, to help protect your skin from future sun damage, without the use of a chemical sunscreen. Natural ingredients, free of perfumes, oils, fillers and dyes, offer anti-inflammatory properties and are ideal for people with sensitive skin, rosacea, acne prone skin, and post-laser redness. If you have oily or combination skin you will love the oil absorbing qualities of the minerals in mineral makeup.Mineral makeup helps retain moisture in the skin.


Q: Is the makeup safe for all skin types?


A: Yes. It’s recommended by dermatologist for it’s gentleness and sun protective ingredients. Our Mineral Cosmetics are completely natural with no chemicals, synthetics, preservatives, dye, bismuth, parabens or talc. Our 100% pure minerals are great for customers with rosacea or acne prone skin, inflammatory skin conditions,  the natural minerals can reduce irritation and redness.


Q: Do you have Bismuth in your products?


A: No, our pure minerals do not include bismuth. Many women say they’re having redness, skin irritation, and other reactions to bismuth. We do not include it in our cosmetics.


Q: Is it all right to use it on acne-prone skin?


A: Yes. It is completely non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and allows the skin to breathe and function normally. It also easily covers the redness common with eruptions. We have also had many aestheticians tell us that they have seen an improvement in the skin of their clients since they have been using mineral makeup


Q: Are the powders drying?


A: No, quite the reverse. Most Powders have a bad name because they usually contain talc. Our minerals actually trap moisture between the skin and the crystal layer. And our mineral makeup are talc free!


Q:  How do I find my perfect mineral makeup color match?


A: There are a few ways to do this… You can wear each shade by itself for one day and see which looks best. You can apply a small amount of each shade on your face (most recommend doing this near the jaw line)


Follow these simple steps:


Using the light from the sun/natural light will help you choose the best colors


1. Use a disposable applicator ( a q-tip works great for this ! ) .

2. Dip the q-tip into a color you feel may be suitable for you.

3. Rub/buff/glide gently  the q-tip with the foundation choice across the jawline.Choose the one that seems to disappear/melt  into your skin.,  Women with

Rosacea  often choose a shade with more yellow tones to counteract the redness in their skin.


Q: Can you explain the undertones of each color family of foundation shades?


A: Here’s a quick list.


Yellows = beige + yellow

Warms = beige + yellow + peach

Neutrals = beige + yellow + peach + pink


Neutral Tone: Is a color that is not really yellow and not really pink. It’s in between warm and cool colors… It can also be used to neutralize pink skin or ruddiness.


Some women have roseaca, and their skin can be too red in the t-zone area… When they use a neutral color, it will balance the redness in their skin.


Cools = beige + peach + pinkPinks = beige + pink


See our, “Color Help” page for pictures. How can I tell if I’m warm or cool ?


1. Hold a piece of white paper next to your cheek & look in the mirror.


2. Do you look a little “Yellow” compared to the paper? If you are more yellow, then you are a Warm Color.


3. Do you look a little “Pink” compared to the paper? If you are more red, then you are a Cool Color.


4. Can’t really tell if you look more pink or yellow? That makes you a neutral color.



Q: What about a concealer?


A: Yes, we have SPF-25 Ultimate Concealers. We recommend using a shade lighter than your foundation for under eye circles and blemishes. Mineral Makeup was originally designed as a concealer, and it performs beautifully in that capacity! You can also use our Ultimate Concealers as your primary foundation.


Q. What’s the difference between the Ultimate Concealers and Foundations?


1. Non-Micronized Zinc: a mineral that the body requires for the synthesis of collagen, also a component in the proper functioning of enzymes that are required by the body to repair skin wounds. It helps control acne breakouts by regulating oil gland activity!


2. Cosmetic Rice Powder: controls oil & shine during the day. It also minimizes pores..


3. Kaolin Clay: draws out impurities, keeping your skin balance and will help reduce breakouts.



Q. What are setting powders for?


A. Our setting powder will do a great job giving you a finished look! It will help to minimize pores and wrinkles, giving you a flawless and complete look. If you have dry to normal skin, you should use our regular setting powders. If you have oily skin or get shiny during the day, it will be better to use our mineral rice powders.


Q: What are your mineral makeup ingredients?


A. Here is a brief description of the ingredients that we use in our makeup.


Non-Micronized Titanium Dioxide: This is a naturally occurring mineral that exists in the earth’s surfaces. It provides wonderful coverage for foundation as well as a non-irritating, full-spectrum sun shield.


Mica: This is an age old cosmetic used as long ago as the Egyptians. It is an almost colorless mineral that occurs naturally in the Earth’s surface.Iron Oxides: These minerals are what adds color to makeup. They are natural salts that have been oxidized in a water process.


Sericite: This is a fluffy translucent mineral that can be used alone as a setting powder, and provides a silky texture to a foundation.Click Here for more information about our ingredients.


Skincare FYI:  Once in a while during transit, the heat will/can separate skincare products because we do not use the chemicals  in our products that so many companies do .  Simply shake well and refrigerate for several hours.  We just want our customers to know this is possible and not an inferior product.  Being healthy~ chemical-free products this can happen occassionally.


Skincare Shelf Life:


Product Shelf Life Is From The Date Of Purchase Because That Is When It Is Made


Mineral Makeup:


Pure minerals mineral makeup has an indefinate shelf life




18 months


Lip products:


12 months


Mascara & Liquid Eye Liner, Liners:


12 months


Q: Will you be shipping globally


A: Not at this time

Returns Policy

We DO NOT accept returns,refund or exchange due to sanitary purposes and to protect you the customer..Due to FDA Hygiene standards we cannot accept returns or exchanges FOR ALL skincare,pressed products,eye products,lip products,brushes,makeup,hair products etc...

We offer samples for you to purchase to try before you buy at affordable prices. Please read our ingredients to see if they contain anything you are allergic to... if you are DO NOT PURCHASE OR USE.      We strongly recommend  you purchase samples to try our products first.