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Essential Oils

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Essential Oils are one of Mother Nature's most precious gifts that can be used in many ways with many benefits ! If you aren't using them you just don't know what you are missing ! Essential oils come from different parts of plants such as the flowers,stems,bark and roots etc...
I personally love using the oils in a diffuser especially during the cold and flu months but I do use them all year round.
An essential oil is made by distillation usually with either steam or water. Then the essential oil is separated from the water.

Understanding Essential Oil Grades & Quality....
Let's look at the 4 grades of essential oil that you will see many saying their oils are when they are trying to convey the quality and purity... with us we may not say that our oils are a "grade" But they will be of the purest-highest quality....Please remember at this time there is no quality control for essential oils in the USA.Essential oils are or can be expensive in comparison to fragrance oils.
So starting with the highest grade first.

1~Therapeutic (A): (Is really just an indication of purity) Grade A goes through a few distillation processes for the best quality.Grade A oils are pure 
2~Natural/Food Grade (B): Grade B oils may have traces of chemicals
3~Perfume Grade (C): Grade C oils are highly concentrated also containing some chemicals.
4~Floral Waters (D): Considered the lowest quality, contains the natural essence of the plant,far less of a concentrated,usually containing the least E.O., floral waters are many times used in cosmetic products and are or may be synthetic oils with similar properties.

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