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Essential Oils & You

Posted by on 2/1/2017 to Ingredients

Essential oils are out there all over the place ! 
There are so many to choose from.... What's a person to do ?
Just check them all out,learn about what they can do and
choose ones that interest you and use them as instructed.

I want to say right from the beginning...Essential oils are concentrated and very powerful.
Use them correctly,....We do NOT suggest ingesting them. Because they are so concentrated
 always dilute with a good carrier oil per instructions. 
These are just a couple E.O.'s that you can use and are some really nice ones at that. Always
use caution when using concentrated essential oils.

Essential oils are such a wonderful-wonderful gift from
Mother Nature that I believe we all need to learn about and make use of.
They are wonderful in a diffuser,in natural household cleaners,in bath and 
skin care products,body scents and much more....

Let's take a look at a few oils today !

Lavender is a beautiful calming & relaxing essential oil that is one of the most widely used for many things.
Lavender is used in natural & organic skincare ,is antimicrobial,body scents,room sprays,household cleaners 
and much more. It is used for things like helping with being able to relax and go to sleep, headaches, anxiety, 
emotional stress, help with skin,issues,itching,age spots,sun spots,soothing burns,cuts, dry skin,minor cuts,
canker sores and fade scars.antioxidant,antioxidant,natural perfume,

Lemon essential oil has that wonderful citrusy lemon smell that makes us smile and perk right up ! It is a 
very clean smelling scent. anti-microbial,anti-fungal,cleansing,purification,concentration, cleaning,contains 
limonene, a natural  degreaser.diffuse for mental boost, digestion,colic,immune support,acne,stimulate 
lymph drainage,bug repellant,laundry booster,aroma therapy in a diffuser,yeast infections,pain relief,
stimulating & calming effect,cognition boosting,morning sickness,

Rosemary is another wonderful and powerful essential oil ! Improve memory,muscle aches and pains,
anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal,antibacterial,anti-viral, properties,cellulite,stretchmarks,hair growth,prostate 
health,nerve tissue health,lowers cortisol,enhances,the body's bile flow-improve gallbladder function,
neuropathy & neuralgia rubs,tension,stress,fatigue,muscle and joint pain,indigestion,cough,congestion,
stuffy nose,dandruff,pimples acne,natural insect repellent,air freshener,cleaning,

Peppermint is loved by many ! The scent seems to perk us up..It can be used for many things like in diffusers,
chest rubs,body scents,skin care It is used in  lots of products for congestion,digestive aid,bloating,stuffy noses,to make you feel 
energize and refreshed,anti-itch,tea for nausea/anti-nausea,antimicrobial properties,analgesic properties,allergy 
relief,skin inflammation,has a cooling sensation,sunburn relief,fever reducer help,sore muscles,headaches,mental focus,
respiratory congestion,natural pain relief,sinus congestion,achy joints, scent perks you up,dandruff,bug repellant,acne,
rheumatoid arthritis,promotes alertness without side effects - Has a high concentration of menthol 

Eucalyptus has antiseptic, ant-inflammatory qualities..So it is useful is  when being used for things like disinfection,
great in diffusers to help fight off germs & for aroma therapy. Used in chest rubs for congestion, cough,colds,
antibacterial,mold help,removing spots, Leaves have been used as a wrap to heal wounds with great success works as an 
expectorant for mucous and congestion,itchy scalp,odor remover,dandruff,lice when in a mixture,sinus congestion,
allergies,use in household natural cleansers,help get more oxygen into lungs,asthma,bronchitis,COPD,safe on pets,
natural pain reliever,sinus decongestant,joint and muscle pain,sore throats,immune stimulant,insect repellant,anti-viral,

- Eczema & Psoriasis: Mix peppermint and lavender essential oil with carrier oil for relief

- Clove,Tea Tree and Eucalyptus for mold

- Neuropathy and Neuralgia- use 2 drops of rosemary, helichrysum, cypress oil and mix with 
at least 1/2 teaspoon of a good carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil and massage into the area affected by neuropathy. 

- Mix lavender and rosemary essential oil and use to smell before and during a test

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