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Edible Cutlery !

Posted by on 4/11/2016 to News

I came across this and really found it interesting ! I love this idea !

Edible Cutlery~Eat with it and then Eat it! Or throw it away and it decomposes in about 4-5 days ! Tasty,nutritious & environmentally friendly ! A perfect alternative to harmful cutlery ~ also enriched with nutritious ingredients....

Here is a link where they explain their edible spoons !


You can order here They have plain spoons~sweet spoons and savoury spoons !

It's maker/inventor was selected as GREEN HERO by Wellspun renewables in 2015
"The demand for plastic cutlery is increasing over the days. Plastic, a petroleum by-product is more harmful to human body because of the presence of several toxins and carcinogens. Its application as food consumption utensil enhances the chances of these chemicals to get into the human system."