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Dry Skin

Posted by dMinerals on 6/30/2016 to The Whole You

Do you have dry skin ? 

Many of us have dry skin that drives us crazy !

What can you do for your dry skin ?

As the seasons change we sometimes need to change our skincare routine.

When the humidity drops our skin makes a 911 call to us because the dry
air is causing problems with our skin like flakey,dry,itchy,lines and wrinkles 

skin that can even cause the skin to crack and bleed !

-Close the bathroom door when showering

-Limit bathing to 5 to 10 minutes

-Use warm water NOT hot

-Use a less harsh-gentle-fragrance free cleanser

-Blot skin dry

-Apply moisturizer immediately

-An oatmeal powder bath works great (you can grind your own oatmeal to a fine powder)

-Use skin care products that are not harsh

-Keep your hand cream and lip balm with you on the go

-Use things that help your skin maintain it's natural oils (not strip of oils)

-If your skin is dry and itchy grab some milk from the fridge !
You heard me...Milk has anti-inflammatory properties and lactic acid
so just apply it to your skin for 5 or 10 minutes and rinse !

-Soak in a milk and honey bath Yep..for real...use about 2 cups of milk
and about a 1/4 cup of honey and stir...hop in and soak !

-Add moisture to the air

-Use coconut oil on your skin at night and put on your pajamas to cover skin

-Gentle exfoliation (a konjac sponge works great)

-Dry skin may be caused by a medication you take

-Try not to scratch

-Bathe less

-Elderly tend to have less skin oils

-Avoid harsh soaps and chemical cleansers

-Apply emollients (something with a softening or soothing effect)
 and moisturizers

- Skin that feels overly tight after bathing may indicate excess 
removal of natural skin oils.

-A soap/cleanser that foams more is a harsher you want 
a soap that barely foams/suds up

-To help prevent dry skin you can also use moisturizers with alpha 
hydroxy acids from sugarcane,milk or fruits

-Barrier balms that melt into your skin with healthy ingredients work great !
We will have our little miracle balm in our store in the future that works on many-many things !