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DMinerals Freedom Fresh Pit & Body Powder

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DMinerals Freedom Fresh Pit & Body Powder provides Silky smooth odor protection for your body and helps with controlling the wetness from sweating...

~ Aluminum Free ~ Paraben free ~ NO Harsh Chemicals ~ Gluten Free ~ Vegan Friendly ~ No Phthalates ~ Cruelty Free ~ Made In The USA ~

Use our powder just about anywhere on your body (avoiding the eyes-ears-nose & mouth of course lol)…

Below you will find lots of info that will help you understand why YOU should choose a healthier, natural deodorant with the lest amount of toxins possible...

Just dust your feet & toes, your underarms, in the folds of skin that you sweat most and need to keep dry…. behind knees, groin areas to help keep dry and reduce chafing or any other area you may need to stay dry and smelling great ! Helps fight odor and wetness…but will not stop perspiration (a good thing !)

Some like to use the talc free body powder on their body before working out or putting some powder in their shoes at night and tapping out excess before wearing in the morning or before running…Helps keep workout clothes from sticking to the body so much !

Our DMinerals Freedom Fresh Pit & Body Powder is talc-free ! It naturally absorbs moisture and our natural ingredients helps fight off odor causing bacteria ! 
And that great scent is from our essential oils we use…No fake scent just Mother Nature’s essential oils !

When our Freedom Fresh Pit & Body powder is applied to the body it feels silky and smooth and helps keep you feeling and smelling fresh !

And what’s really great is you can apply as often as you need or want !

Believe it or not natural deodorants do REALLY work without the toxins !

Did you know many toxins are removed from the body by the healthy process of sweating and trying to keep your body from sweating is not really good for you…Sweating is our body’s natural process of cooling the body down and detoxifying the body-removing toxins from the body…

Our “Freedom Fresh Pit & Body Powder” is not an antiperspirant…I know ~ I know ! People don’t want to look all wet and sweaty or smell all stinky ! 

…Did you know that your sweat does not actually smell ? 
Keep in mind your sweat is NOT the cause of the odor… the bacteria growth IS !

…Your sweat smells because of bacteria or an overproduction of bacteria and sometimes the clothes you put on still have some of that bacteria in them even though you just washed them…

In our armpits Staphylococcus Hominis is pretty much the main bacteria responsible for the odor !

Once you get that bacteria under control you might just like the smell of your armpits ! I know it sounds crazy but it’s not !

I have used it personally for some time.... testing it and you might laugh but I have to keep smelling under my arms because I can’t believe that I can’t smell any awful odor at all lol ! (I sometimes use a secret combination of my powder your are reading about…plus a special spray mist and a special deodorant rub and have never been so happy with the effect for my underarms.. the results are just amazing for me !)…feels like a little miracle AHhhh….

Many or most of the regular store bought deodorants contain aluminum and harsh chemicals that are easily absorbed into our lymphatic system that we DO NOT want to happen !

Remember that some things you eat can also give you a body odor you don’t like…garlic, onions etc…

And another thing that contributes to a bad smell is wearing clothing made from synthetics ! 
YEP you heard me ! Polyester and rayon is awful when it comes to odor ! And when you wash them the odor just seems to stay in them yuck…they tend to harbor bad bacteria that causes a stink ! So If possible you should choose clothing made of Natural fibers like cotton, bamboo and linen that won’t trap odor or bacteria in the fibers …

Wash your body especially in places like the feet, the armpits and the groin area at LEAST once a day to fight odor causing bacteria making sure you completely dry the areas that sweat the most to help stop bacteria and fungus growth… 
Remember hair traps odor..

You can wipe your armpits and other areas with a tea tree essential oil diluted with a good carrier oil and witch hazel to correct PH to fight bad bacteria (ALWAYS DILUTE TEA TREE E.O )…

Eat right for better digestion for better body odor…try some probiotics ! …Eat lots of leafy greens for the chlorophyll…

Make sure you drink enough water to flush out those stinky toxins !

Some people even use a detox mask in the armpit area ! There are different ones you can try…if your skin is sensitive try one with the least amount of baking soda.

Everyone’s body chemistry although very much alike is different and you may need a powder and deodorant that is just a little different than someone else’s…so don’t give up on natural, safe deodorants and odor fighting powders because you don’t feel they work ! THEY DO WORK  Give them a fair try for about a month or so…

Even though many of us feel sweating is an embarrassing body function …Sweating is a natural and needed function of the body….sweat serves a purpose of cleaning our body out and cooling it down…it’s actually a lifesaver !

It keeps our body from overheating ! Somewhere around 98.6 degrees your hypothalamus signals your sweat glands to start working and makes you perspire and cool your body by making the sweat come through your pores and evaporate when the air hits it ! Sweating helps circulation and clears pores !

We have somewhere between 2 million and 4 million sweat glands in our body ! WOW that is a lot !

Two kinds of sweat glands in our body are Eccrine glands that are found all over our body like the palm of our hand, hands, bottom of feet and forehead that produce a watery, clear fluid when you get to hot from exercise that DOES NOT smell !.

The second kind is the Apocrine gland that produces a milky like fluid that contains fats and proteins that is responsible for body odor ! It does not actually smell bad on it’s own... it is when it comes in contact with bacteria that the awful stink begins….These glands are primarily found in our hair follicles, especially in the armpits and groin areas…Babies tend to smell so great because their Apocrine has not developed yet !

And what about menopause sweating ? There seems to be some belief that the body’s thermostat is changing due to hormones or maybe just working overtime to cool the body during this time of change….So great body powder is needed at this time also.

Body odors can be normal or they can be telling you about a problem you have…things like kidney problems, schizophrenia, trimethylaminuria (smells like rotten eggs or rotten fish)…

“I sometimes wonder if the real stinky sweat is a human defense to make others leave you alone ! I mean it is when the worst upsetting things happen like getting scared or emotional that we tend to get some of the worst smelling sweat ! D.M.“

Some people have an actual sweat problem called hyperhidrosis (primary & secondary) that makes them sweat a lot ! And some people don’t sweat enough called Anhydrosis..

Try rubbing our powder into those feet that like to sweat a lot inside shoes or not to help keep them dry and smelling sweet !

There was a study done that suggests that the smell of your sweat can make your emotion you are experiencing contagious ! WOW !

Another study showed that eating meat can make your sweat smell worse !

Another study stated that if you have yellow sticky ear wax your sweat will probably smell worse and if you have white flaky ear wax your sweat probably won’t smell that bad.

Our body powder when applied and rubbed in before dressing will help your clothes move more freely against your body especially on those hot days or when emotions are running high that make you sweat.

Works great after your shower... after you dry off apply our body powder all over for a silky smooth feeling ..pssst and your clothes probably won’t stick while trying to put them on after your shower !

It is Aluminum Free ~ Paraben free ~ NO Harsh Chemicals ~ Gluten Free ~ Vegan Friendly ~ No Phthalates ~ Cruelty Free ~ Made In The USA

Ingredients:Arrowroot Powder (Tapioca)(Manihot Esculenta, Corn Starch (Zea Mays), Kaolin (White Clay),

Ylang Ylang E.O.(Cananga Odorata), Patchouli E.O.(Pogostemon Cablin), Sweet Orange E.O. (Citrus Sinensis), Lavender E.O.(Lavandula Officinalis), Frankincense E.O.(Boswellia Carteri), Tea Tree E.O.(  Melaleuca Alternifolia), Lime E.O.( Citrus Aurantifolia), Rosemary E.O.(Rosmarinus Officinalis), Lemongrass E.O.(  Cympogon Flexuosus)

Always make sure and check ingredients and make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients...And always seek medical help when needed.                                 

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