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Cracked-Dry Feet Remedy

Posted by on 11/17/2017 to The Whole You

Cracked-Dry Feet Remedy

We all hate those dry, sore, cracked, stinky feet !
Well...Don't we ?
Well here is a remedy you will love !
Why ...Because hydrogen peroxide is probably one of the best household remedies you will ever find or use ! 
( But I also love my Braggs Raw Apple Cider Vinegar for a multitude of things lol )

- Athletes foot soak 2 times a day for a few days and dry well afterwards letting the feet get some air and sun.
- Clean your foot and nail tools in peroxide to kill of bacteria
- Spray the bottom of the shower/tub with peroxide to kill off germs
-  Spray the inside of your shoes with 3% hydrogen peroxide to kill off the germs & let dry thorouhly
- Dry cracked heels, stinky feet


 ~ Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Bath ~
    Use a new dish pan
    * Fill about 1/2 way with warm water
    * Add about 1 cup hydrogen peroxide
  Soak about 15 to 20 minutes. You will more than likely see the dead skin that comes off in the water.
  Make sure to let your feet dry completely before putting on foot moisturizer on the heels.

   Hydrogen peroxide H202 is a natural anti-septic....And that is why it is commonly used for your wounds to help stop or clear an infection ! 

- Cuts, scrapes, scratches, minor not use on deep or serious wounds without speaking to your Dr. first !
- Hydrogen peroxide creates an environment where diseases cannot live or thrive
- Hydrogen peroxide soaks for, inflammation, auto-immune, soreness and more
- Soften corns & calluses
- And just a common household disinfectant ! A sanitizer
- It is sometimes used as an antiseptic mouthwash...
- Humidifiers add a little peroxide to clean and get rid of bacteria
- Disinfect the dishwasher with 2oz of peroxide
- Reduction of oxidative stress
- Used to clear up acne...
- People use it to bleach their hair
- 50/50 mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water to clean surfaces
- Treat foot fungus
- Clean insides of the kids lunch bags
- You can disinfect your toothbrushes with it !
- Even use it to whiten your teeth...
- Wash fruits & vegetables
- Disinfect those stinky sponges,
- Clean surfaces
- Clean toilets
- Clean glass
- Clean insides of those reusable bags 
- Clean some spots on certain carpets
- Spray in musty smelling areas
- Clean inside the fridge
- Clean tile & grout,tubs, 
- Spray on mold & mildew
- Clean mirrors  
- Powerful oxidizing properties

- Possibly may be helpful in reducing emphysema symptoms by using a food grade hydrogen peroxide at 1oz of 35% concentrated hydrogen peroxide in 1 gallon of chlorine free water in a humidifier and breaking down the mucous & infection in the lungs and improve breathing....Please speak to your Dr. or Natural Dr. before doing this yourself ...proper guidance is always needed....There is some great info on his site.   Dr. Williams You can visit his site HERE for more info

There is also great hope through research that the oxygen atoms in the hydrogen peroxide might slow or even kill cancer cells because it is believed that cancer cells tend to spread when little oxygen is available so there is hope or thought that more oxygen may be helpful in the fight against cancer....Research goes on...

There are many grades of hydrogen peroxide...Just so you are informed and know the difference !
5% Pharmaceutical Grade
6% Beautician Grade
30% Reagent Grade ( scientific use)
30% to 32% Electronic Grade (clean electronics)
35% Technical Grade
35% Food Grade
90% used as oxygen source in rocket fuel

Research has shown that hydrogen peroxide plays a role in our immune system

*** Home and personal use of hydrogen peroxide should be 35% food grade 
*** Before using on any materials please check in a hidden area to see if it will harm the material first before using...
*** Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching properties
*** Hydrogen peroxide oxidizing properties allows it to react with viruses, bacteria,spores and yeast and more
*** The blog and site material is meant for informational purposes...ALWAYS do your own research before using things on your own