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Christmas~Essential Oils-Three Wise Men

Posted by on 12/14/2016 to Ingredients
Christmas~Essential Oils-Three Wise Men

I love my essential oils...I use essential oils on a daily basis in one way or another !
I use them in my diffuser, in my skin care products ,in spray mists and cleaners and more !
Once you use and see the benefits and results of the essential oils you will want to learn 
more and want to continue to use them. And of course you will be excited to share your 
experiences with the precious oils.
And they are just that... precious and they really do deserve our love and respect.

With the holidays upon us I think about all those great scents,cookies and great food...
And gifts...the fun and excitement of gift giving...seeing those little faces light up with 
excitement...And the gifts from the Three Wise Men... Gold a precious metal & a symbol of divinity...
Frankincense a symbol of holiness and righteousness, a perfume,incense...Myrrh anointing oil, 
symbolizes suffering,bitterness and affliction.

Researchers at Cardiff University have shown that Frankincense has an ingredient that can help relieve
arthritis by inhibiting inflammation that breaks down cartilage tissue and cause arthritis pain....
Frankincense is a non-toxic, non-allergenic,non-irritant that has such great properties ..
anti-inflammatory~antiseptic~astringent~disinfectant~wound healing benefits and more ! 
( Lavender & Frankincense essential oils work well together on wounds )
It is also said to be a phlegm fighter. achy joints,restless leg syndrome help, sleep promoting, itchy skin relief and 
itchy insect bite relief, fades scars stress reliever, mood boosting,hemorrhoids,cystitis,great to use in 
chest rubs to help open up lungs & help with breathing...has a calming effect and is being used for 
depression and anxiety,nervous tension & nervous exhaustion ,, AND WRINKLE REDUCER !
The rich scent/aroma of Frankincense is a spicy-balsamic,earthy-pine-lemon-woody scent....
WOW ! Do you think the Three Wise Men knew all this when they gave their precious gifts to baby Jesus ?

Myrrh has a sweet & smokey aroma but tastes bitter...Greek soldiers were said to have used myrrh while out 
in the battlefields to stop their wounds from bleeding...promotes tissue repair, soothing on the skin,chapped-cracked skin help,
anti-aging benefits...Helpful with eczema,acne,athletes foot,skin infection relief...
Chinese Researchers conducted a study with myrrh and published their findings in The Journal Of Medicinal 
Plants Research and found myrrh resin effective against human gynecologic cancer cells ! 
I just find it amazing that nature has so many things to offer us . is a precious metal...what about the gift of gold from the Three Wise Men ? 
It was believed as far back as 5000 years ago during egyptian times that gold in the body stimulated the life force...
It has shown also in help in stabilizing the body's temperature...
That it would" enliven & rejuvenate and cure diseases and restore youth and good health"...It was used way back in 
time to comfort sore limbs....They even used to place a piece of gold in the skin near an inflamed joint/area for relief 
and it was said to work ! As far back as the 1800's gold was known for helping heart and blood circulation,pain and 
discomfort ( making me wonder if gold could help neuropathy )

I don't know about you but I love learning about what nature has to offer us and I love sharing the information !
To learn more about essential oils do a little research you will be amazed ! 
Learn about each essential oil and its benefits to be more informed on the ways nature can be a benefit to your health !

Have a happy ~ healthy day and come back often !
Love & Kindness,
           Debbie at DMinerals