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Posted by dMinerals on 2/10/2016 to News
Our Comfy Cozy HeatPacs can be your world of comfort~relief and peace ! 
WE love our Comfy Cozy HeatPacs !
Our primitive Comfy Cozy HeatPacs come in many shapes~sizes~colors & prints !
Filled with nature's whole corn for lots of warmth & comfort when heated !
We use our HeatPacs to soothe away our aches and pains ! 
Cold or warm depending on your need...
And many of us use them to relax from the comfort of the heat and melt off to a good nights sleep !
After a long day on my feet I heat up one of our heatpacs and apply it to my back or wherever I 
ache and find much relief.
~When you purchase one of our CCH's It is important that you heat as specified on instructions.
Below is a picture of our "Comfy Cozy HeatPacs" "The NOT Water Bottle" designed by Debbie 
If you are interested in selling our Comfy Cozy HeatPacs join us here at this link  Affiliate

We are revamping our makeup & skincare products !
We will be announcing our unveiling of products in the future !
So stay tuned !