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Blackheads !

Posted by on 4/6/2016 to Toxins

Blackheads !
Blackheads or whiteheads they are both called comedones /comedo.
Oil & dead skin get trapped in the pores/hair follicles.
#1 Take care of blackheads without damaging your skin !

You need to unplug the pores and get rid of the buildup in those pores. 
Do NOT will cause further damage to your skin...
use products made to get rid of the problem that have safe ingredients in them.
The best thing to do is take preventative measures and take good care of your skin ...
Non-comedogenic cleansers are typically oil-free....Poor makeup choices will often make your skin problem worse (bad ingredients and makeup that clogs pores).
When your face breaks out many of you will try to cover it with heavy coverage and long wear foundations.
You should choose makeup that is easy to remove so you are not tugging,over rubbing and scratching at your skin to get the makeup off....So also you could find a good makeup remover that will just melt that makeup right off your precious skin...
When a product says non-comedogenic it does not guarantee that the product will not cause acne...." It does mean is that the product does not contain ingredients that are known to clog the pores or that increase the chances of acne formation."
Make sure not to overdo it when cleansing & exfoliating it can scratch and irritate the skin making your skin issues worse... 
DON'T use products that can clog your pores...Make sure you use a product that is Non-comedogenic ( a pimple -- a comedo)