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Beauty is not just about putting on makeup and skincare

Posted by dMinerals on 11/30/2015 to News

Beauty is not just about putting on makeup and skincare_ It's not about buying the most expensive product in a beautiful container and eye catching packaging...It is much more than that ! For one thing it is about making good choices about a few things... Your choices about the things you put in and on your body... your choices in products you buy and knowing good and bad ingredients...The many foods and drinks you put in your body...The cleaning and air freshener products you use...choose toxin free or the most toxin free possible in whatever you buy and use in your daily life. The more you use healthy/healthier products in your life... the more you will notice how beautiful you feel and look...Beauty really isn't about covering up that beautiful you ! You just want to enhance your beauty that already exists...Follow healthy daily cleansing habits to begin with using healthy-safe-non toxic products for your skin and you daily surroundings.
...Many do not realize the huge impact chemicals/toxins have on the body and environment ...Your skin is like a sponge and absorbs what you put on it and it goes directly into the blood stream and many of these are hormone disruptors that wreak havoc on our bodies.... whether you are a woman,a man,a child or an adult... So Basically most of us for years have unknowingly been putting these toxins on us ! We were never told about the dangers of these things ! 
You want to feed your skin and body with healthy things that make them grow,thrive and flourish the way nature intended ! So we hope you will become more aware of the things you use and what they can do to the body and environment..
We work on bringing you healthier choices in your makeup and skincare. We do not stock our products because we make your order when you order and give you the freshest products possible without the toxins ! We are Eco Friendly~Family Oriented~Cruelty Free~Vegan Friendly~Manufactured In The USA....
Our mineral makeup products are free of harmful ingredients. 
They do not contain any of the following:

No micronized minerals/nano-particles 
No coated minerals 
No preservatives 
No talc 
No Bismuth Oxychloride(known for causing skin to become itchy, breakout, or turn red)
No Synthetic dyes 
No parabens 
No carmine 
No fragrance 
No PetroChemicals 
Non-comedogenic / Will not clog pores 
Cruelty Free / No Animal Testing Not too shiny/sparkly. 
Gluten Free (All "dMinerals" products are Gluten Free EXCEPT: Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleanser for Sensitive skin & Detangler)