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Beauty Tips And More

Posted by Administrator on 8/2/2015 to News
Beauty Tips And More

We all want to look wonderful...Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder !

Don't cover up your natural beauty ! 
So many put on way tooooo much makeup...there really is no need to do that and it looks yucky ! 

 Never forget your eyebrows ! 
Keep them shaped and cleaned up...If you want to bring definition and intensify those eyes fix those brows ! 
Just make sure to keep it real ! 
Or you will surely get a few laughs from others...
You can really make a beautiful statement with proper attention to your eyebrows...I like to use a light shade of eye shadow near the brow,cream to white works best for me...some like to use shades of light want to make your eyes look open and bright and happy :) 

Tooo much bright white looks really bad under the brow so experiment to see what works best on you ! And one tip I will repeat is...go outside and look in a mirror..WHY..because you probably won't like what you see on your face unless you have great lighting inside where you apply your makeup ! 
When you add,brush in the color to enhance your eyebrow DON'T over do it ! 

When applying any makeup use the least amount to start can always add more and adjust your look...I see so many today that slam on that makeup and look awful...sorry ladies but we've all been can take time to learn how to apply and achieve that look we all want... 
***You can spot apply your makeup*** 
Sometimes-a lot of times we cover up everything on our face when its not necessary...covering up all our naturally beautiful skin can actual take away from our beauty ! 
You can use makeup to enhance your face...not blanket it :) 

 Drastic-Harsh eyeliner can look pretty bad...Learn different ways to improve eyeliner application...Line your eyes- ,you can even blend in some lighter or darker eye shadows with the liner to achieve a really beautiful look !
Blend and smudge eye shadow and liner with a brush or sponge to beautifully frame your eyes and get a gorgeous natural look.