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Baby & Ingredients To Stay Away From

Posted by DMinerals on 8/15/2016 to Toxins

I wish I knew all of this when my kids were born !

When choosing baby products...choose wisely.
We don't want to put things on baby or us that can be harmful.
And as a parent and caretaker it is up to us to do the healthy thing.
It is almost impossible to get totally away from all the toxins.
We just really need to do the best we can...So just learn all you can
about ingredients to be able to make the best possible choices.
Here are some ingredients to try and stay away from and some that are great !
I will try and update the info about the ingredients a little later...But you can
also look them up !

Baby Ingredients To Try And Stay Away From

~Artificial Fragrance
~Artificial Dye
~Petroleum-Petroleum derivatives - Petrolatum
~ BHA …an endocrine disruptor
~aluminum starch octenylsuccinate is linked to neurotoxicity ,developmental ,reproductive and organs
~Mineral oil
~ Retinyl Palmitate ….linked to cancer and reproductive toxicity
~ 1,4 Dioxane
~Potassium Sorbate EWG rated3

The Good Stuff 

~Coconut Oil -  Known for antibacterial and healing properties, helps promote skin elasticity EWG rated 1
~Aloe Vera
~Organic Bees Wax EWG rated 1
~Organic Plantain leaf powder -help to relieve pain, burning and itching
~Grape seed Oil
~Arrowroot EWG rated 1
~Vitamin E derived from sunflowers with no contamination concerns of hydroquinone EWG rated 1
~Zinc Oxide
~Sodium Bicarbonate EWG rated 1
~Olive Oil ewg rated 1
~Apricot Kernal Oil
~Peruvian Balsalm
~Chamomile extract EWG rated 1
~Lavender EWG rated 1
~Tea Tree Oil (as an ingredient never apply alone,undiluted)
~Calendula EWG rated 1
~Many Herbs are great for healing
~Yucca Extract
~Carrot CO2 Extract
~Rosemary extract EWG rated 1
~Colloidal Oat Milk EWG rated 1
~Vitamin A-D-C
~Organic Castor seed oil EWG rated 1
~Shea Butter EWG rated 1
~Organic Sunflower seed oil EWG rated 1
~Dunaliella Salina Algae Extract
~Jojoba EWG rated 1
~Tapioca Starch 
~Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride EWG rated 1
~Pure Essential Oils
~ Organic Rosehip Oil EWG rated 1
~Candelilla wax
~Avocado Oil EWG rated 1
~Olive Oil EWG rated 1
~Tamanu oil - Known for antibacterial and healing properties
~Citric acid 
~Tribehenin EWG rated 11
~Tea Tree NOT used alone/diluted with carrier oils and other ingredients because it is very strong
~St. John’s Wort
~Xanthan Gum EWG rated 1
~Carnauba Wax - from leaves of palm trees EWG rated 1
~Glycerin/Glycerol EWG rated 
~2 C8-C10 Triglycerides/Medium-Chain Triglycerides EWG rated 1

~You want products that heal-calms-protects…
~Creates a moisture barrier to protect skin
~Nutrient rich
~Do NOT leave baby in wet/soiled diapers
~Make sure baby is getting enough fluids
~Helps stop redness,itching,pain,soreness
~Be Insecticide free
~If you don’t like zinc then use the barrier balm without the zinc But zinc is healing

Don't Panic When You See Red Warnings ! We need to put them there !

*** Read warnings…we need warnings on products to remind people to use the products properly to protect who they are using the product on….. Just because the product is natural-organic and a healthy product does not mean someone will always use it correctly the way it was meant to be used ! Also you never know who might possibly be allergic to something ….

Cloth diapers let more air in and plastic disposable diapers hold in moisture without really any air circulation