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About Us



" We Believe EVERYONE Should Have The Best ~ Safe ~ Healthy Products Available To Them ! "

Even though it is almost impossible right now to get away from all toxins...
We all need to do our best and eliminate as many toxins as possible in our lives...
DMinerals Skincare will love your skin the way it should be loved
...without all those nasty toxins.....with Mother Nature standing guard !

" We love our Products - We love our Customers - We love our Reps !
And yes we do use our products with love and pride ! "

We believe life is about making a difference !

We want to inspire others to do good things for others. 

By helping others we have a lasting impact on others lives.

...Hopefully making a difference in the quality of their lives...Even if ONLY a teeny bit !

" One Face-One Hand-One Heart At A Time "

DMinerals was started by a woman with 6 kids that said if she could ever help moms / women and make a difference in their lives some how she would ! And that is how the DMinerals Affiliate Rep Program came about ! (Men can also sell our products).

We offer a simple opportunity to make money without jumping through hoops. 

YOU have the power to take control of your life you want to lead ! 

Our Affiliate Rep Program is a simple, non pressure program that will work for just about anyone ! We have it setup the way we do because we want it to work around your family and your daily life... 

Women can tackle more than they realize ! You can help empower women that are "DMinerals" Reps by purchasing from them ! 

No matter what you have gone through in your life you can still do a lot ! 

Cruelty Free ~ Natural & Organic Products ~ Made In The USA ~  Affordable Products ~ Many Vegan Products

Looking for that skincare that makes a difference ?

"We Are Dedicated In Bringing You The Best Possible Products...
WiTh A Heart Full Of Love & Hard Working Hands And Minds"

Unveil your skin's beauty with DMinerals !

Want to smooth & plump the skin,lines & wrinkles ?

Our Bio-Hydrate line has you covered as well as a few other products !
Need those sore, achy muscles,ligaments & joints rescued into relief...Making you say AHhhh ?

Need baby's bottom protected from diaper area problems ?
We've got that covered and more !

Quality is also very-very important when it comes to our products ! We offer the highest quality products with some of the highest quality ingredients you will find. Our products are natural & organic. We use as many organic ingredients as possible in our products. Our products are made right here in the USA. Some of our precious ingredients can only be found in other countries that they grow in but are sourced from the best !

Because we do not use all those toxins to preserve our products...

Our spa quality products are made in small batches for freshness and quality 

because freshness and quality are of the utmost importance !

We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible because ~ we feel everyone deserves great-high quality products ! 

Our prices do not reflect their quality, many people think because a product costs an arm and a leg that it must be the best ! 

Not true ! 

There are many things that can make a products price high...And a high price does NOT mean a product is great or that it is good for you...

BUT yes quality ingredients can make a products price higher than some but that is NOT the only reason. 

So make sure when you choose a choose it because it is good for you NOT because it's the hottest thing going and you have to have it....

We do NOT skimp on the quality of our ingredients they are the best ! 

We do not do all that expensive infomercials or other expensive things that will make our prices high...Because the most important thing is the ingredients that go into our product & your skin. 

By offering our products at the best prices possible we feel we can help customers switch to healthier products that are better for them and the environment. 

When our products are being made we take our precious planet & our precious customers into deep consideration !

We use organic ingredients whenever possible and also take into consideration fair trade practices & sustainable harvesting.

We believe natural & organic are the way to go for a healthier life and planet for everyone. Many natural products on the market are just as good as the organic because they follow the organic rules and guidelines but have not been certified organic. Why ? Many say because of the cost and length of time it takes to become certified. 

Most of our products are Vegan Friendly...Some products do contain beeswax and some vegans may not choose them because of the beeswax .

Our ingredients list is always with our product making it easy for you to find just what our product is made of ! 

If for some reason it is not please let us know !

Thanks for visiting our store ! Have A Happy ~ Healthy Day !

Debbie at DMinerals