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About Us

Posted by Administrator on 10/14/2015 to News
About Us

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A dream that came true !

I always had a dream of owning my own business and as time passed it got clearer what I wanted to do

....I wanted to own my own business...Help other moms make money and feel good about themselves

...also....To help others get their hands on healthy-top quality products at affordable prices....

As a mom of 6 I always said if I could find a way to help other moms I would and I have !

I offer a program that they can become rep and sell our products and earn a nice commission without the problem of paying any money to join us or start !

WHY because everyone deserves a chance to make it !

It is not right that those who really need to earn money can't afford to join a company because they just don't have the money...When you can't pay your bills or put food on the table...things get real,real fast...

By you purchasing dMinerals products from one of our reps (women or men ) you are making a difference in others are helping a mom feed her are helping a woman get back her self respect,gain pride and set a good example for her children and soooo much more !

With all the illness from toxins it is and was important to me to spread the word about what you put in and on your body....And that is why I choose to offer products that are as healthy as possible ! I would love to have you join us either as a customer or as an affiliate Rep !

I believe it is important to make a difference in lives....Won't YOU come join me on our journey with dMinerals and help make a difference with our top quality mineral makeup & natural and organic skincare and business opportunity !

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