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About Being A DM Rep


What Does It Mean To Be A DMinerals Rep ?

As a DMinerals Independent Rep you represent our company & it's products that deliver results with the highest quality ingredients in various ways ! 
...You will meet in person by at in person parties and events or one on one meetings by setting appointments with others interested in our wonderful products ! 
...You may also share DMinerals online through social media and social media events... 
...Our program is a no pressure program that lets you be in control and decide how much time you want to invest & when and where you will share & sell DMinerals products..
....If you are in doubt about where or how with DMinerals just contact us and we will help ! 
...It's all up to you much time,money and care you invest in your success ! 
...We allow you to work your business as a representative of DMinerals that will fit in your life...Our program is a no pressure one so if you need to slow down for awhile we still want you with us and you will have our support !
...Need to learn more ? We will help you with that !


Do I Need Experience ?

NO !

No experience needed !
Sure a sales background might be helpful but not necessarily... We will help you learn & sharpen your skills !


Meeting with others & sharing DMinerals ?
....As a DMinerals Independent Rep you will share information about our DMinerals products & company and in person touch-feel and smell product experience using the information we provide you with and your own personal experience...


Meeting in person for a one on one ?

Give yourself at least 30 minutes for the meeting...
It's usually best to meet in a public place unless you know the person...
...You will share what you have learned and your personal product experience over a cup of coffee,tea or other drink.


You can host a Grand BLAST Opening Party or Event !

This will introduce others to your NEW DS business !
At this type of a meeting you should have products for your guests to sample and experience the DMinerals difference !
...Depending on the number of guests you will probably want to schedule in about an 1 1/2 - 2 hours in your appointment book...You will want to be very attentive and able to answer the guests questions so be sure and do your homework and learn from our knowledge center..Knowledge is everything....
...You should hold these types of events on a regular monthly basis...This will give others that can't make it to one ,make it to the next or purchase products on a monthly basis because not everyone can make big purchases at one time...
...By holding such events or parties it will help you go outside your existing circle of friends, coworkers and relatives and make new contacts for your business...
...There are ways to offer a host ways to earn products ...
...It's a win-win-win !
YOUR customers get some of the best skin care products with ingredients that are gifts from mother nature that bring real results, YOUR host for their efforts and allowing you in their home will earn free and/or half-off product depending on sales and of course YOU will earn your commission on your sales !


When you join DMinerals as an Independent Rep.

.. you will have an online business presence right away with your own personal website link that you can 

send potential customers or existing customers to and they can order online !
...And you will also have access to marketing tools you can use on social networks, print and hand out and more.

..You want to showcase your DMinerals products in every good way possible ! So we will also give you skincare tips & solutions that will keep your customers interested and coming back for more info and products 
....No matter where you go you can still sell DMinerals with your personal website link ! And don't forget to bring some products on your trips for others to try !
Make sure you share info we provide you that will help make you successful in your DMinerals sales and customer trust !


How hard or much do I have to work ?

That is up to YOU !
The more you learn and become knowledgeable...the easier it will be !
YOU decide how much time you want to invest or work and how hard you want to work !
But if you put time each day into your DMINERALS and learn something new and make new contacts will be successful !


Training ?

We will help you be successful as much as we can !
We will help you through things like our Facebook Groups, videos, webinars and conference calls, other online tools and one on one if you like ! 
"YOU have to want to be able to do"
I love speaking with our reps one on one and getting to know them and just what their personal needs or goals are !
We want to give you as much support as possible that will help you be successful ! BUT always remember this !
" YOUR success is up to YOU...YOU are the one in the drivers seat ! YOU are the one that must take action that brings your success ...YOU and only one else ...DM "


Do I need a starter kit or need to invest money ?

NO !
We leave that up to you !

We will let you build your own kit if you like at a discount !

Customers prefer to feel, smell, see a product first ! And it can and usually will increase your sales !


Do I have to sell a minimum amount to stay active ?

At this time the answer is no !
-We realize some people need that push that makes them go out and push for a sale BUT we do not want to put that pressure on our Reps...
What we do want to do is psyche you up and make you feel that you want to make the sales because you love our products and you want or need to earn your commissions...


Why DMinerals Skin Care ?

DMinerals Skin Care Products have mother nature's gifts in them

Exactly what your skin needs ! 

DMinerals with consistent use will bring results without all those nasty toxins and chemicals ! 

Pure,highest quality ingredients like essential oils as well as other ingredients from nature !

..We also try to teach others as much as possible when it comes to their skin and ingredients...We feel everyone has the RIGHT to healthy and safe products...and by helping to educate others in this area we can help others make good decisions about their products they use !

DMinerals was started by a woman with 6 kids (now grown) that said "If I can ever help or make a difference in other moms or womens lives I will." ...And by creating these great products and the opportunity to sell the products she has done just that ! 
....BUT the rest is up to the individual ! 
....You can't just sit back and expect sales and success to roll in ! 
YOU NEED to be present and active in order to achieve YOUR sales & YOUR success...and don't ever forget that in anything you do in your life ! 
....If YOU are not present and active in whatever it will not go anywhere...and only you can change that !